Yanet García imposes fashion! She’s wearing high-waisted button-down jeans in this sexy photo

Yanet Garcia She is not only famous for her great beauty and sensuality, nor for being the incredible former weather girl, but for her content on her social networks and her incredible outfits, which is why she is already an influencer who imposes fashion.

On this occasion, he shone on networks by sharing a new publication while residing in New York where he wears incredible button-up jeans to the waist that were very fashionable a while ago, but could be revived by Yanet Garcia.

In addition to making her figure look more sensual, the influencer showed how to combine these pants in a modern outfit. She well, she chose a basic white crop top and a denim jacket oversized which is very fashionable, as well as white Jordan-style tennis shoes.

Yanet García and her button-up jeans to the waist. Yanet García celebrates her 100k followers. Yanet García has university studies.

Yanet García reached 100k followers this year

Yanet García celebrates her 100k followers. Yanet García has university studies.

All posts from Yanet Garcia they have many likes and many comments from their biggest fans. That is why last July she showed that she has just reached the 100k followers on his official Instagram account!

She celebrated this great achievement with a video in which she dances on her back in a beautiful, tight-fitting fluorescent yellow-to-green dress with slits on the sides of her chest and hips. In the background of her is accompanied by a large golden balloon with the number 100k for the number of her followers.

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Where did Yanet García study?

Yanet García has university studies.

Despite the success that the famous Yanet García has had since she entered television and in her recent foray into OnlyFans, the former weather girl has university studies as a public accountant who studied in Monterrey.

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