Yanet García, “La Chica del Clima”, model with green micro lingerie on her back that exposes her rear

Janet Garcia.

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Yanet Garcia continues to attract attention on social networks, where once again she captured all eyes by posing in a lingerie set that exposed her shapely rear while posing with his back to the camera.

The Mexican model, who is known as “La Chica del Clima”, continues to enjoy the honey of success within the OnlyFans exclusive content platform, which she joined in April 2021, but which over time has catapulted recognition of its public through virtual platforms.

And it was thanks to her daring images that she managed to position herself as one of the spoiled celebrities of Instagram, a social network in which she shows hot images and in which she is about to conquer the hearts of 15 million followers who flatter her beauty at every opportunity. that is presented to them.

This is how they reacted to one of his most recent publications, in which he appeared posing with his back to the camera while wearing a tiny green lingerie garment that was lost between her curves to reveal her figure.

The image, which on this occasion was only accompanied by an emoji of a heart on fire, provoked the reaction of thousands of followers who let him know that he looks as beautiful as ever.

While, in a publication made weeks ago, she appreciated modeling this same garment, but showing her curvy profile that caused a real shower of compliments.

Of course, this is not the only publication that has captivated the attention of her admirers in recent days, since Yanet García has also been seen with other suggestive sets of intimate garments that further enhance her beauty.

And it is that, on the verge of becoming topless, she welcomed the month of June with a delicate fuchsia set that, thanks to its transparencies, became one of the favorite publications in her heated photo gallery.

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