Yanet García raises the temperature with her transparent lingerie

Yanet García is one of the influencers and models of the OnlyFans platform that earns the most due to the number of subscribers they have on the platform.

The former “chica del clima” has managed to position herself as one of the public’s favorites by often sharing outfits from her photo shoots that make more than one person sigh.

As we told you in American Post News recently, the famous regiomontana has spoiled her fans with a picture where she shows her rear, and today she has stopped the internet with the choice of her outfit.

Yanet García in transparent lingerie

It was through her social networks that the influencer and model raised the temperature of her almost 15 million followers, as she shared a revealing outfit that left everyone with their mouths open.

For the photo, the beautiful influencer has chosen lingerie with transparency, put on an unbuttoned shirt, and showed the top of it while posing for the camera.

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The white lace lingerie was a hit among her fans, who immediately began to flatter her and filled her publication with thousands of likes, demonstrating why she is one of the most requested models of Only Fans.

How much does Yanet García’s Only Fans subscription cost?

Yanet García charges $20 (400 MXN) for the subscription to Only Fans

The celebrity offers exclusive content through her account on the Only Fans monthly subscription platform, where you can find 321 photos and 174 videos that can only be seen by those who pay the subscription.

This costs 20 dollars per month which in Mexican pesos would be 400 pesos. The subscription is for 30 days and you can enjoy the content uploaded during the subscription period and the previous ones.