Yanet García shows off her rear guard to the maximum when going out to exercise in Central Park

Yanet García left her apartment and was seen exercising outdoors, showing off her body in tight leggings and being recorded by her team to obtain the content she publishes on her social networks.

Yanet García shares photos and videos on her social networks that show her in the privacy of her apartment, but now she has decided to go out to Central Park to work out. Wearing tight blue leggings, the Mexican model showed off her rear end to the max while jumping and being filmed by her team.

The former weather girl is celebrating her birthday, and from the heights, she poses wearing a shiny sack suit and shorts; the night before, she received a bouquet of roses without revealing who had sent it to her, which she showed in another of her publications.

Yanet also posed very sensual in a video that shows her walking and wearing a red lace lingerie set. The clip delighted her fans but also left them upset, as she wrote as a complement the message “coming soon,” so it could be a new project with very sexy content.