Yanet García turns on the networks modeling a set of tiny red lingerie from her back

Yanet Garcia is recognized as one of the favorite celebrities in social networks, where this weekend the temperature rose again posing in tiny lingerie sets that left very little to the imagination of her fans.

The model who rose to fame as the presenter of the weather section in Mexico is willing to please her most demanding admirers in virtual communities, where she usually shows off her voluptuous curves through revealing videos in which she is seen using tiny lingerie.

This is how, through her official Instagram account, the Monterrey woman presented to 14 million followers a sensual video in which she appeared with her back to the camera modeling a revealing set of red lingerie, which managed to drive more than 172 thousand fans who have rated the recording with a “like”.

Fortunately for her fans, shortly before, she revealed her shapely rear with an olive green swimsuit, a garment that helped her squander sensuality and beauty in every move he made in front of the camera and while diving into the pool.

In the same way, he reappeared in one more clip in which he had fun from inside a pool and outside of it, but this time wearing a swimsuit. Animal Print which allowed us to appreciate in detail some angles of his radiant and shapely anatomy.

Used to attracting attention, she also caused a stir with a daring blue lace set, with which she posed on top of the bed to expose her physical attributes to the maximum.

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