Yei: #ConTodoElCorazónYMás, the first original Puerto Rican series on Disney+ will premiere on January 11, 2023

The series is starring Didi Romero

The first Puerto Rican series produced for Disney+ already has its premiere date.

On January 11, the world will learn the story of Gina Yei, characterized by the Puerto Rican actress Didi Romero.

The 24-episode series tells the story of Gina (Romero), a teenager who arrives at the Caribbean Musical Institute, the cradle of reggaeton, to become “the best composer.” During the plot, love stories and confrontations will emerge, framed by a lot of music.

Raúl García, director of Gina Yei, highlighted in a previous interview with EL VOCERO that the project has original music and a cast that includes Puerto Ricans, Alfonsina Molinari, José Brocco, and Elí Cay. Venezuelan Gabriel Tarantini is also one of the protagonists.

In the same way, artists of the new generation, such as Jacnier Ríos Lorenzo, Juliana Rivera Díaz, Adriana Fontánez, and Felipe Albors, among others, are part of the cast.

From the official trailer, it appears that the series will feature drama, romance, music, and dance.

“I can say that when Puerto Rico has the opportunity to see this, their hearts will be filled with much Puerto Rican pride. It is a completely local cast, a production made here, and they are big leagues. It is something that Puerto Rico is not ready to see,” Didi said in an interview with EL VOCERO.

Meet some of the cast of Gina Yei:

  • Didi Romero – Gina
  • Gabriel Tarantini – Manu
  • Ana Gabriela Wolfermann – Ruby
  • Felipe Albors – Jayden
  • Angely Serrano – Lucia
  • Brian Dean Rittenhouse – Adrian