Yellowstone National Park will be closed due to unprecedented flooding; there are houses and bridges destroyed

Officials indicated that there will be no incoming visitor traffic at any of the five entrances to Yellowstone National Park.

Photo: Yellowstone National Park / Courtesy

Authorities reported that Yellowstone National Park will remain closed to visitors at least until Wednesday due to dangerous flooding that prompted evacuations from the site.

All park entrances were closed to visitors, citing “record floods” and a forecast of more rain to come, the park reported Monday.

Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly said, “Our first priority has been to evacuate the northern section of the park where we have multiple road and bridge failures, landslides and other problems”. Statements that agree with the multiple videos that circulate on social networks where you can clearly see how some houses collapse.

Serious effects

Due to flooding, a highway in Yellowstone National Park partially collapsed on Monday.

Park County officials reported on Facebook that north of Yellowstone, several towns in Montana’s Park County are also experiencing major floodingwhich have washed out bridges and roads, making it unsafe to travel or impossible to evacuate.

They ask not to drink local water

Additionally, they issued warnings in many areas for residents avoid drinking local water due to a broken main pipe and submerged wells.

record levels

Brandon Miller, a CNN meteorologist, indicated that the Yellowstone River grew to a record level on Monday due to heavy rain and significant runoff from melting snow at higher elevations.

According to CNN, on Monday afternoon the Yellowstone River gauge in Corwin Springs, Montana reached 13.88 feet, surpassing the 11.5 foot historical crest of 1918according to NOAA river gauge data.

“The river continues to rise near Livingston, and it is expected to peak between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on MondayPark County officials posted on Facebook.

The Park County Sheriff’s Department issued a shelter-in-place order until 7 a.m. of Monday for those south of mile marker 52.5 on highway 89 south.

Multiple communities in Park County are isolated and surrounded by water, including Gardiner, Cooke City and Silver Gate, according to an update on the county’s Facebook page.

The National Guard and local search and rescue teams are assisting with evacuations and rescues throughout the county, the county said.

According to an update on the county’s Facebook page, several communities in Park County are isolated and surrounded by water, including Gardiner, Cooke City and Silver Gate.

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