Yeri Mua compares himself to Ludovico Peluche while getting ready to win the Carnival

The Veracruz Carnival 2022 is close to being held and has several beautiful candidates, among them is yerimua, who has recently been compared to Ludovico Plushbecause he wants to win the crown of the jarocho festival.

The young influencer is one of the favorite candidates for the Royal Court, in addition to her boyfriend Brian Villegas, alias “El Papona” is also a candidate, so now the two are fighting for the crown to become the representatives of the carnival.

Last Saturday, March 12, the influencer uploaded a photo on Instagram where she appears to be wearing a pink dress, an outfit with which she was compared to Ludovico Peluche. Along with the description of the photo, she wrote: “And the winner is… Yeri Peluche, and the one who supports”.

This is how he responded to his “haters”

Let us remember that in a chapter of the Mexican series “La Familia P.Luche” on Ludovico’s character pretends to be a woman to enter a claim contest, and after several tests he wins and is crowned queen. In that episode Ludovico wears a pink dress very similar to the one Yeri wore.

Now the influencer decided to recreate that scene, wearing the pink dress, the carnival candidate shared a video on her Facebook account where recreates the moment when he wins the crown, Well, she revealed that many of the people who throw “hate” at her usually compare her with the character played by Eugenio Derbez, they have even created memes for her.

“Lately I’ve seen a lot of things, for a long time people have been comparing me to all the characters that Eugenio Derbez plays… This is a response to my ‘haters,'” Yeri said in her Facebook video.

Who is Yeri MUA?

The influencer is a candidate to become the carnival queen

Yeri Cruz Varela, better known as Yeri Mua, is a girl from Veracruz who is responsible for uploading various beauty and fashion tutorials on her social networks. On her Instagram she has more than 2 million followers, while on Facebook she exceeds 5 million.

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