Yeri MUA exposes her friend’s intimacy and criticizes her on TikTok

He did it again, yes, but it ended up highly criticized, and that’s because Yeri MUA exposes intimacy of her friend something that did not end up being liked by a large part of his followers and even more so by his most ardent critics.

In one of her videos prior to her ‘live’, Yeri Mua announced that her friend had just told her that she had messed with a celebrity but that she was going to tell everyone when she did her live.

As you know, the blogger usually makes live videos from her Facebook where she tries on clothes or makeup, at which time she tells anecdotes or “gossip” about herself, her boyfriend or friends, but does Yeri MUA expose her friend’s intimacy?

Critical comments against Yeri Mua

Yeri MUA exposes her friend’s intimacy and these are the critics. She is a young woman from Veracruz.

  • “Yes, because if you tell something about yourself, you can’t stand the truths they throw at you”
  • “He no longer knows what to do to have a view”
  • “That’s why they don’t love you anymore, not as a friend, not anywhere HAHAHAHA”
  • “Wey, since he no longer has a rating, he looks for someone to affect”
  • “I love it and the best thing is that I saw it on Instagram live”
  • “Since she became better known, they throw a lot of hate at her, I who have known her from the beginning, I admire her more”
  • “It is obvious that if she tells it, it is authorized, those who say ugly things are the ones who just want to affect her, I love you yeri”

Who is Yeri MUA?

She is a young woman from Veracruz.

Who is Yeri Mua? Yeri Cruz Varela, better known as Yeri Mua or “La Bratz Jarocha”, is a 20-year-old Mexican influencer known for her makeup, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos.

It turns out that knowing that Yeri MUA exposes her friend’s intimacy, an action that has pointed her out a lot since users of various social networks point out that the blogger does not accept when she receives criticism, however, those who are her fans point out that what she did It’s talking like anyone would.

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