Yeri Mua provokes controversy by leaving the label on her new sneakers

Yeri Cruz Varelabetter known as Yeri Muaregained notoriety on social networks after assuring that there is a certain type of tennis that is used without removing the labels.

This is not the first time that the influencer has gone viral on social networks. Just last month, she caused a stir by accusing a group of workers from the National Electoral Institute (INE) of ill-treatment and of editing her identification photo to make her look bad.

On this new occasion, the user of TikTok Vivian Lugo (@lachismeriadeinfluenses) shared a video where the queen of the Veracruz Carnival 2022 is shown responding to a comment she received about why she wore tennis shoes with a label, to which she replied that they should be used that way because they were “collectible”.

“These tennis shoes here, which are Air Jordans, because I used them with the label, but the nacarandas did not know that it is used with a label, that is how it is used, that is how they sell it to you and it is a collection.”

Does Yeri Mua leave the label on her new sneakers?

Yeri Mua provokes controversy by leaving the label on her new sneakers

The influencer mentions that although there are shoes that do not have this type of label, this model has it because it is a special collection and it is not removed because it is a type of accessory.

“Sneaker collectors do not remove the label because this is not a label, this is like an accessory that the sneakers bring. In fact, there are tennis shoes that also have a kind of cord that looks like a label but does not come off, that is part of the tennis accessory, ”he said.

“It’s like something exclusive”

He also pointed out that although the labels can be removed:

“It’s not the same because it’s like something exclusive that this edition of tennis brings.”

Yeri Mua further commented on another discussion she had over this same pair of sneakers with another follower, who allegedly pointed out that she didn’t know what kind of sneakers she was wearing.

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Yeri Mua generates controversy in networks

“Then the guangas came out and I already told one ‘they’re Jordans’ and she told me ‘you don’t even know about tennis, they’re not Jordans, they’re Nikes’ and I said ‘oh you miserable bitch’, I told her ‘they’re not Nike, well yes they are Nike but they are Jordan, they are Nike’s collaboration with Jordan, they are that collection’, and the bitch went on and on and I said ‘I don’t know why I fight against the wall,’” he said.

The video went viral on social networks, causing various comments among those who criticized the influencer and those who assured that he was right.

“Tennis collectors do not take them off because they do not use them, they only collect them”, “If the tennis shoes that bring those accessories are used like this”, “Let him use it as he wants, they do not cost cheap”, “Well, the net I do not think that is how it is used !!”, “it is a keychain”, were some of the comments in the face of the situation.

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