Yeri Mua publicly confronts Naim Darrechi for breaking their silence pact on her terminated pregnancy

Navigating a public feud and violating trust, Yeri Mua sheds light on personal choice amidst her rocky relationship with Darrechi.

Yeri Mua was pregnant by Naim Darrechi, and she already made a decision; social networks “exploded” at the revelation that the musician made without the consent of the influencer. At the beginning of 2023, Yeri Mua surprised her fans by revealing her relationship with Naim Darrechi, a controversial musician and influencer.

In May, it was said that Yeri Mua and Naim Darrechi had ended their relationship after photos of him circulated in a bus station in Veracruz.

On a trip to the Dominican Republic, Naim Darrechi revealed that Yeri Mua was pregnant and miscarried—why the 22-year-old influencer confronted him live on Facebook.

Naim Darrechi allegedly hit Yeri Mua and betrayed their agreement at the end of their relationship: not to talk about the pregnancy or its termination.

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Naim Darrechi and Yeri Mua (Instagram | Screenshot).

Yeri Mua is not ready to be a mother and has a firm decision.

Through a live session on social networks, Yeri Mua – 20 years old – confirmed that she is pregnant.

With her voice cracking, Yeri Mua told her followers that she decided to interrupt her pregnancy because she was not ready for motherhood.

The influencer from Veracruz was upset with Naim Darrechi because she made her pregnancy public when they had agreed not to do so.

Yeri Mua and Naim Darrechi fought live on Facebook because the also businesswoman questioned her ex about why she had decided to go public with her pregnancy.

“We had agreed on something, you said you were going to respect my decisions and that we were going to end well.”

Yeri Mua

Yeri Mua revealed on her live session and during her fight with Naim Darrechi that after the influencer punched her in the face, it was clear that they could not have a child.

“I’m not going to give him a child that his dad mistreated me, what will my son say when he sees a bruise on my face? (…) Regarding the pregnancy is something that is already interrupted, there is no turning back. I just don’t feel ready and it’s not something that had to happen.”

Yeri Mua

Yeri Mua found out she was pregnant by Naim Darrechi after he hit her and became depressed, as she no longer wanted to be with the influencer.

“It made me too sad and I said, no, she can’t be born with a dad like that. I just couldn’t have a baby from him. I didn’t want to have a baby with him and then him wanting to hurt my baby.”

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Yeri Mua

Yeri Mua even feared Naim Darrechi would take her child away from her, as the influencer is Spanish.

“He wasn’t a month old, he was three weeks old (…) My dream has always been to be a mom, but not with a man like that, who already assaulted me.”

Yeri Mua

Yeri Mua would have already interrupted her pregnancy, and because of Naim Darrechi’s addictions, the pregnancy could be high risk.

Yeri Mua shares pictures of the beatings Naim Darrechi gave her.

Yeri Mua shared pictures of the punch Naim Darrechi gave her in the face through her Twitter account.

After a live fight, Yeri Mua threatened Naim Darrechi by denouncing him, and the Spaniard tried to excuse himself, assuring that the influencer attacked him first.

Yeri Mua comparte fotografías del golpe que le dio Naim Darrechi
Yeri Mua shares pictures of the punch Naim Darrechi gave him (Twitter/@yerimua ).

Naim Darrechi gives his version of Yeri Mua’s pregnancy.

It all started when Naim Darrechi made several stories on Instagram and revealed that he found out that Yeri Mua was pregnant two weeks ago.

When they learned the news, Naim Darrechi – 21 years old – assured everyone they were already bad in their relationship.

“It (the pregnancy) came at a time when it was no longer the same, despite everything I took that situation with motivation.”

Naim Darrechi

The Spanish influencer assured that Yeri Mua was pregnant and that they had been “looking” to conceive for months.

“She is one month pregnant and I received the news, I got motivated, I told my friends and my parents. I was really looking forward to it”.

Naim Darrechi

Although the relationship was already “toxic” and bordered on violence, according to Naim Darrechi, a child with Yeri Mua made him “excited.”

However, Naim Darrechi and Yeri Mua had agreed not to say anything publicly about the pregnancy and the abortion, so she confronted him in a hotel in the Dominican Republic.