Yeri Mua publicly despises Juan de Dios Pantoja on TikTok

Yeri Mua is a renowned beauty blogger that caused controversy in social networks, when it became known that she was crowned as the Queen of the Carnival of Veracruz 2022, because despite the historic amount of money raised, which gave her the victory, she was accused of fraud and taking advantage of their networks .

It should be noted that, despite the claims and cries of fraud, blogger Yeri Mua assured that the results were transparent and that fact positioned it in the eye of many at the national level.

If we remember, the famous influencer Yeri Mua, who was a candidate with the distinctive blue dress, collected a historic amount of 1 million 942 thousand 528 pesos in total.

Yeri very much despises Juan de Dios Pantoja

Yeri despises Juan de Dios Pantoja very much Reactions to her attack on Juan de Dios Pantoja

Recently the famous beauty blogger has published a Tiktok in which she mentions her 5 most outstanding tiktokers in something, in which she mentions that the famous Juan de Dios Pantoja is the tiktoker with whom she would never collaborate, since she is not a big fan of the.

As if that were not enough, he also highlights that the tiktoker who would be his crush would be the singer Rauw Alejandro, who although he is not only a tiktoker, mentions that it is with whom he brings a hobby.

Reactions of his attack on Juan de Dios Pantoja

The famous Yeri Mua has also said that the tiktoker she admires the most is Kunno, while the tiktoker who would be her BFF would be Alexia and she also mentioned that the tiktoker who always comes out for her is one who doesn’t even remember his name and is like a “Jackal”.

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Yeri Mua on social media

The famous Yeri Mua has great success on social networks, with more than 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account, 100 thousand on Twitter, 2.5 million followers on TikTok and 6.8 million on Facebook.

It is highlighted that the beautiful Yeri Mua is characterized by being very active in social networks and constantly shares details of her daily life and as an influencer and fashion blogger.

It should be noted that despite the difficult contest they faced, Yeri Mua and her boyfriend, Brian Villegas, managed to be crowned the Kings of the Carnival of Veracruz 2022, a fact that put her in the eye of media fame.

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