Yeri MUA reveals that she was scammed at a makeup event in Campeche

Yeri MUAthe influencer from Veracruz who has become the favorite of thousands of Internet users shared a unfortunate experience lived in Campeche. Through one of her live broadcasts on her Facebook account, the internet celebrity revealed that shescammed to attend a makeup event.

During last Wednesday, Yeri, who became known on social networks thanks to her makeup and fashion tutorials, reported that a long time ago, she was invited by two people, one from Mérida and one from Monterrey to she gave a makeup class in Campeche. Yeri explains that these people offered him 18 thousand pesos to participate in this event.

Likewise, Yeri MUA, who is also popular on TikTok, recalled that she was promised that she would be put up in a hotel and that the place where she would give the class would be comfortable for both the attendees and her, but none of this was true.

Yeri MUA had a bad experience in Campeche

Yeri recounted her terrible experience/Photo: Youtube The influencer wants to be the queen of the Carnival/Photo: Image

When the influencer arrived in Campeche, her terrible experience began. Since she claims that the place where he had to stay was in terrible conditionswith the torn walls, the uncomfortable bed and even the “clogged” bathroom.

Also, the site where the make-up event was held was far away, and it was a “horrible” room that he had no climate, nor good lighting to work. But the worst part was that the organizers ended up owing him moneydespite the fact that those who attended were “charged very well”.

“When the rat house pays me my 18 thousand pesos. I will never forget my 18 thousand pesosOh no babies, old gossip!” declared Yeri MUA on her live broadcast.

How old is Yeri MUA?

The influencer wants to be the queen of the Carnival/Photo: Image

Yeri Cruz Varela is the real name of the influencer from Veracruz who calls herself the “Bratz Jarocha” and who He is 20 years old. Thanks to his passion for makeup and fashion, she currently has more than 6 million followers on your Facebook account.

Furthermore, as we inform you in AmericanPost.NewsYeri MUA recently applied to be queen of the Veracruz Carnival 2022, so her fans hope she wins.

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