Yeri Mua shares her cheerleading exam mishap and receives mixed reactions online

Yeri Mua faces challenges during cheerleading trials at college, leading to unexpected reactions on her social media platforms.

Yeri Mua, known for her candid lifestyle shares and beauty tips on social media, recently added another chapter to her digital story. Her decision to attend college not only enriched her content repertoire but also resonated with an audience undergoing similar transitions. But as every story has its highs and lows, Yeri experienced a rather unexpected setback, one that involved a misstep at the gym.

Upon entering college, Yeri Mua felt the urge to venture beyond her comfort zone. This led her to consider joining the college cheerleading squad. But joining wasn’t as simple as expressing interest. Yeri had to prove her physical prowess, and this meant performing specific tasks at the gym, away from theoretical know-how.

What happened to Yeri Mua?

As she later revealed in an Instagram video, one of these tasks involved executing a pirouette. Unfortunately for Yeri, the attempt didn’t go as planned. Instead of a graceful spin, she lost her balance, falling backward onto the mat. A subsequent TikTok clip humorously captioned “Whipped the res” showed the same unfortunate tumble.

Post the incident, Yeri reflected, “Well, I’m out, they didn’t give me a grade. I didn’t do super well because I haven’t been able to come to training much, but I didn’t do too badly. That’s what they told me. I’m satisfied with that. I don’t know if I passed the exam, but I had fun.”

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The aftermath of her gym trial was emotionally taxing. In a subsequent update, Yeri admitted to locking herself in a bathroom to shed some tears over the failed exam. “Manas, I didn’t make the cut. The fall I took yesterday on my back wasn’t worth it. I feel silly. I came to the bathroom to cry a bit,” she shared. Scoring only a 1 when she needed more than a 5 meant that her cheerleading aspirations were halted even before they began.

Social media reactions

The digital realm, where Yeri had built her empire, was quick to react. While some followers showered her with sympathy, others couldn’t resist turning the incident into a light-hearted jest. Comments ranged from empathetic remarks like “In life, I’m Yeri trying to do a cartwheel” to humorous jibes such as “I’ve never laughed so much with a Yeri Mua video” and “I even wanted to grade HAHAHAHAHAHAHA minus a hundred.”

Through it all, the prevailing sentiment was one of admiration for Yeri’s optimistic spirit, with one user noting, “What a laugh. And the best thing is that she is so optimistic.”