Yeri Mua, the queen of the Veracruz Carnival 2022

Last night it took place the election of the king and queen of the 98th edition of the Veracruz Carnival. To the surprise of many and others not so much, Yeri Mua Y Brian Villegas “El Paponas” They prevailed over their respective opponents and now they will be the worthy representatives of the carnival festivities of Puerto Jarocho.

According to information revealed by the Organizing Committee, the influencer raised one million 942 thousand 528 pesos, a figure that marked an abysmal difference with the other contenders and that assured him the crown. For its part, “El Paponas” raised 871,116 pesos.

The beauty blogger and businesswoman fulfills her dream of being the queen of the carnival. Despite criticism and controversy, the influencer from Veracruz enjoys great popularity on social networks.

Let’s remember that The carnival festivities of Veracruz will begin next Friday, July 1 and will last until Tuesday 5. It should be noted that this jarocho event has become a topic of conversation on social networks and not only because of the influencer’s application, but also because of the invitation to Alfredo Adame to be part of the courses.

Accuses Mimi Carballo of fraud

Minutes before the final result was announced, the girlfriend of “El Paponas” publicly accused the model and former beauty queen Mimi Carballo of trying to commit fraud in order to win the crown of the carnival festivals.

During a live broadcast for Facebook, Yeri assured that the influencer Mannuel Urdapilleta wanted to put more money into the ballot box and thus favor his opponent, this despite the fact that the time to raise funds had already ended. Immediately, both women began to argue, which inflamed the spirits in the event.

What is Yeri MUA?

Despite criticism and controversy, the influencer from Veracruz enjoys great popularity on social networks.

Yeri Mua is a influencer and beauty vlogger born in Veracruz with more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, 100 thousand on Twitter, 2.5 million on TikTok and 6.8 million on Facebook. As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, she is mostly remembered after netizens caught a louse walking on her head.

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Photographs: Social Networks