Yolanda Andrade confesses romance with Thalía a few years ago

  • Yolanda Andrade managed to impact once more with some statements
  • It turns out that he had not only been a girlfriend with Verónica Castro but also with Thalía?
  • In a conversation with Lorena Meritano, the Mexican went on to tell details

Yolanda Andrade put Verónica Castro in check a few years ago for revealing her dating relationship to which the actress always denied, so they got involved in a fight of dimes and diretes, however, now the host of ‘Mojoe’ returns to being controversial for an alleged relationship in the past, with nothing more and nothing less than Thalía, according to the people who heard her speculate.

When no one expected another scandal, a TikTok video resurfaces that shows a conversation in a live broadcast of Yolanda Andrade with the actress Lorena Meritano, friends for a long time and it was even rumored that they would have been a couple for years, but what she said the Mexican left everyone frozen.

Thalía was Yolanda Andrade’s girlfriend, according to the Mexican


The TikTok channel ‘Tashitomier’ was in charge of compiling the video of Yolanda Andrade with Lorena Meritano and her talk on personal matters, so that ‘Radio Fórmula’ reported that the Mexican revealed that years ago she had an alleged affair with her colleague and very friend Thalía, at least that’s what those who witnessed the ‘live’ think.

Within the conversation Yolanda Andrade mentions that years ago he had a girlfriend who was jealous of Lorena Meritano, when apparently they were pure friends because apparently the foreign actress was dating Montserrat Olivier, a close friend of the former villain of Mexican soap operas.

Thalía ended up being jealous because of Lorena Meritano?

Yolanda Andrade romance Thalía
Instagram: Yolandaamor

When Yolanda Andrade commented on her apparent relationship with ‘that woman’, people in the live video chat began to write that it was supposedly Thalía to which the Mexican did not hesitate to say ‘they hit her’, so several were They were frozen with a tremendous and unexpected revelation from the Unicable host.

“It’s that there are many details Lorena, I remember that I had such a funny girlfriend because … very pretty singer of a musical group, in the past, because I couldn’t say that she was with you because she had a boyfriend, so there was no father who knew that you and I were walking, so they asked me, what’s more, I told him, I saw it on Televisa and I said ‘Hey, nice to see, I’m Yolanda Andrade and they told me you’re asking if I have something to do with you girlfriend … ”, began revealing Yolanda Andrade.

“You had many very famous girlfriends,” Lorena Meritano tells Yolanda Andrade

Thalía had Yolanda Andrade as a girlfriend

Things did not stop there, because Lorena Meritano told Yolanda Andrade that she sent her that he had many very famous girlfriends: “What woman did not fall at your feet …”, she commented so that the Mexican would tell her: “I had very beautiful and This singer was very funny because she was very angry and very jealous of you because you were taller than her … ”, she comments with amusement.

“Do I know her in person or not … is that there are several singers that I know you from the past and from now on recently we went to eat with Adela Micha in Polanco and we were three o’clock,” says Lorena Meritano, but later Yolanda Andrade assured that he would no longer hang out with singers because he is doing badly.

“Wow, they hit it,” says Yolanda Andrade when she tells him that it was Thalía

Yolanda Andrade Thalía courtship

When Lorena Meritano told her that she couldn’t believe that the singer was jealous because she was taller than her, Yolanda Andrade is surprised that in the comments they told her that if she was referring to Thalía and suddenly she looks surprised and reacts saying: “ Wow, they hit it. “

“I fell in love a lot with the singer, this one who told me that you were taller than her, very beautiful, I fell in love with her, also a very peculiar and unforgettable stage,” says Yolanda Andrade, so that Lorena Meritano assures that she knew who she was talking about .

“You are seductive and very intelligent”, receives compliments Yolanda Andrade after revealing her relationship with Thalía

Thalía and Yolanda Andrade

And it is that Lorena Meritano ended up praising her ex-girlfriend Yolanda Andrade saying that she was seductive: “You are seductive, intelligent, you have a unique humor, you treat like a queen and make one feel good and you are very flirtatious …”, said the actress to the driver.

The comments in the videos were swift: “Oh yes, now they all walked with her”, “It is known that she and Thalía were close friends until Thalía’s mother forbade him to walk with her”, “It is that in fact there were a time ago that Thalía did say that they were best friends and there were photos but Yolanda had not come out of the closet yet “,” It was not Thalía, I will tell more that it was Sasha Sokol “,” Every time Thalía went to Mexico, Yolanda I was dating her, ”the people commented. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE FIRST VIDEO OF THE CONVERSATION / HERE THE CONTINUATION OF THE TALK

“His secret is to have money to pay for all his surgeries”, they tell Thalía

Instagram photo Thalía

On August 26, 1971, in Mexico City, Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda was born, better known as only Thalía, who celebrated her 50 years of life with a photo in a bathing suit and shocks to see how she looks, but ends up humiliating her. Programs such as Suelta la sopa on Telemundo took up on their social networks the series of images of the wife of Tommy Mottola’s businessman, who wrote a forceful message, but it seems that users did not give it much importance, since they left with everything.

“Thalía reaches half a century of life looking younger than ever. What will your secret be? ” You can read in this publication that so far it has more than 30 thousand likes and that it caused reactions of all kinds. Despite the criticism, the Mexican singer and actress looks spectacular. “How can it not be like this !!! You have no worries !!! She is successful, businesswoman, millionaire, suggest tycoon husband, expensive creams, chef who takes you on your diet, surgeries !!! Good for her ”,“ With botox, surgeries and money everyone stays young ”,“ Well, her secret is having money to pay for all her surgeries ”.

“Having an old man with money”

Instagram photo Thalía

Since joining her life in 2000 to that of businessman Tommy Mottola, with whom she had two children: Sabrina Sakaë and Matthew Alejandro, Thalía has been harshly criticized by the general public, in addition to the difference in ages, for an alleged interest of the artist.

And about his ‘secret’ to stay that way in his half century of life, one person did not hesitate to say: “Having an old man with money”, “The secret is money. If you are poor, forget that you will look like this lady ”,“ The money you have ”,“ The secret? The husband’s checkbook ”. Filed Under: Thalía, romance with Yolanda Andrade?

They tell Thalía that “she is better when Maria was from the neighborhood”

They tell Thalía that
Instagram photo Thalía

The criticisms for Thalía seemed to have no end, on the contrary, they were increasing more and more in intensity, since many users do not fully believe that the artist is preserved in this way in a natural way, although someone said the following: “Right now she is better than when Maria was from the neighborhood ”.

“Antics, hopefully and now that he turned 50 he already behaved like a lady of his age and not like a girl”, “His secret: ointments, surgeries and that Tommy Mottola pays the bills of youth”, “I would also arrive like this with so much money and a husband like the one she has. Filed Under: Thalía, romance with Yolanda Andrade?

“This is how I live my life ‘without-account'”

Instagram photo Thalía

In addition to the series of images that she shared with her followers, which provoked all kinds of reactions, Thalía expressed a forceful message: “Happy birthday to me! 50. And so I live my life ‘without-account’ of those bad experiences, but rather learning from them. Not counting the people who hurt me, but treasuring the people who love me ”.

“Without taking into account the social or economic value of the people, but rather the feeling of peace, joy and affection that I feel when being with them. Regardless of age or weight, since my body is nothing more than the vehicle that my soul drives so that it can develop on this plane ”. Filed Under: Thalía, romance with Yolanda Andrade?

Are you sending a hint?

Are you sending a hint?
Instagram photo Thalía

In another part of her message, Thalía, who refers to her 50 years as “no-account”, said that she leaves behind resentments, envies or anger, “since by feeling them or by receiving them and getting hooked on them, you reduce your quality of life”.

“Without realizing that fifty goes with ‘C’, but the reality is that your life is reset to live it taking into account that the most wonderful and important thing of all … is LOVE. Thank you God father for taking me in the center of your hand. Thanks to my mother and father for having been the channel to bring me here (and for all their love and so many balloons and cakes in my childhood) ”. Filed Under: Thalía, romance with Yolanda Andrade? Some images of this note come from this and this videos.