Yordi Rosado told what Chabelo’s experiences near death have been

Xavier López “Chabelo” had two clinical accidents that left him close to death (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Yordi Pink he told, in his Unicable program, that “Chabelo” has been close to death twice. According to the writer, it was the same Xavier Lopez who told him these anecdotes. In both situations, the former Sunday Televisa host was intervened by doctors, who kept him alive.

The theme of At night with Yordi Rosado it was death. As guests they were Alexis Ayala and Lolita Cortés. Who formed a duo with Adal Ramones in Another roll He commented: “I know someone who died twice and is still alive today. I mean it, Chabelo ”.

Yordi Pink
Yordi Rosado highlighted that he is looking for “Chabelo” to interview him on his YouTube channel (Photo: Screenshot of YouTube / Unicable)

The first time, according to Yordi Rosado, “Chabelo” had a mishap with some peanuts. The snack was not closed under high vacuum, which caused them to spoil. Xavier López did not realize it and ate them until he began to feel bad.

“He ate the peanut and the peanut literally sent it to the canvas. He arrived at the hospital and ‘died’, and they revived him“Said Yordi Rosado. He added that he was kept alive thanks to an injection that can only be administered once. However, the co-author of Quiúbole, In another clinical emergency, he needed the same medicine, but putting it on again was risky.

“I don’t know what happened again in his life when he arrived at the hospital, they could no longer tell him, He was dying and they gave him the injection. The injection caused him to ‘die’ a second time. That is, twice he has had clinical deathYordi mentioned.

Yordi Pink
The anecdotes caused laughter in the forum (Photo: Screenshot of YouTube / Unicable)

Yordi Rosado, who in recent months has gained relevance for his interviews on YouTube, acknowledged that it is not something that “Chabelo” would tell easily, since he keeps his private life quite closed. When asked why he did tell these anecdotes, he said: “I have a justification, for rating “, Yordi Rosado explained before laughing out loud.

Both anecdotes, the driver recalled, were previously told on his radio program, so Yordi Rosado did not reveal information that had not been previously public.

Yordi Pink
Lolita Cortés and Alexis Ayala were the guests of Yordi’s program (Photo: Instagram / @ denochecoyordi)

Xavier López would also have revealed to him what it was he saw when he was about to pass away. “´Both times, what I see exactly is a ring of light. Exactly like the one in the movie Ring, identical, ‘”said Yordi.

The driver mentioned that he constantly communicates with Xavier López and his family in order to schedule an interview for his YouTube channel. “Do you think that after today they will give it to you?”Alexis Ayala said amid the laughter from the forum.

The host tried to recover his narration and commented that Chabelo felt real fear when he saw the posters of the film Ring, as they reminded him of his two clinical accidents.

Xavier López in the film “The Mongol Conspiracy” (Photo: Tercero Díaz / Cuartoscuro)

“Don’t answer him anymore, please, no longer answer him. And he does it on air! ”, Lolita Cortés mentioned in reference to the fact that Yordi Rosado constantly calls with Chabelo and his work team.

In family with Chabelo was in transmission of 1967 to 2015, the year where it ended with more than 2,400 episodes. The last show had stars like Yuri, the former bassist of Caifanes, Sabo Romo, and the president of Televisa himself, Emilio Azcárraga Jean.

For more than four decades, Xavier López played
For more than four decades, Xavier López played “Chabelo” (Photo: Nelly Salas / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Since then, “Chabelo” has devoted himself to other aspects of his personal and artistic life. He highlighted his participation in the film The Mongol Plot in which he acted alongside Eugenio Derbez, Bárbara Mori and Damián Alcázar.

It transpired that during the accident he suffered Luis de Alba, Xavier López Rodríguez was among the first to help him financially. According to the comedian, he tried to speak to him directly about his situation, but could not find him, as he was traveling. However, “Chabelo” sent him funds for his recovery.


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