Yosstop deleted videos and apologized to everyone he has hurt: “I have been immature”

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

After Yosstop left the Santa Martha Acatitla social rehabilitation center in Mexico City at the end of November 2021, where she stayed for five months, now and after reactivating her YouTube account, the influencer sent a message of redemption.

The young woman, who was accused by the authorities of having an intimate video of a minor, a fact that earned her the rejection of feminist groups and other social groups, assured now in a new video that he has reflected and apologized for his behavior in the past.

“A few words that come from my heart and with full awareness: I want to apologize to all the people I have offended intentionally or unintentionally.consciously or unconsciously, or that has caused you any conflict or discomfort, any damage or any negative emotion, “said the youtuber in his recent clip posted on his Instagram account.

the influencer shared a new message from jail (Photo: IG justyoss)

I want you to know that genuinely my intention has never been bad, yes I have been very immature and unfortunately or fortunately I have reflected my evolution in the videos I have been making during these ten years. There are many videos that were out of place and I have deleted themthere are others where I keep saying things where I don’t think the same anymore, but I don’t take them off because in some way it’s part of my growth and my evolution and that’s what it’s all about, “added the woman named Yoseline Hoffman, 31 years old.

And it is that the half-sister of the actress Ginny Hoffman has been singled out, in addition to the case that sent her to prison, where she engaged in cyber bullying against the young Ainara Suárez, also for her attitude that many have described as cavalier and arrogant at issue harsh judgments and disqualifications against multiple people throughout the decade that has been generating content on social networks.

“I have evolved little by little, not overnight and it is worth changing. I want you to know that I have screwed up many times, in and out of the videos, My worst mistake has been passing harsh judgments on people and their actions. and above all broadcast them with only a small part of the story, absurdly believing that with that they could know the reality, “he added in the four-minute clip.

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