You already have a diagnosis: What happened to Alejandra Espinoza?

You already have a diagnosis: What happened to Alejandra Espinoza?

Alejandra Espinoza.

Photo: Univision / Univision

A week after having to be admitted to a hospital with half her face paralyzed and vision problems, already has a diagnosis. What happened to Alejandra Espinoza? His doctor tells it all in ‘Despierta América’.

When it was learned that Alejandra was admitted to the hospital, ‘Despierta América’ was the first medium to report what had happened, through a message that the husband, Aníbal Marrero, sent Francisca Lachapel.

Then Espinoza herself made a video from the hospital where she confirmed what happened: paralysis, loss of vision, dizziness and headache. He also explained that, although at first they thought it was a stroke or stroke, they even suspected multiple sclerosis, everything was ruled out and, at that time, he still did not have a diagnosis that would explain what had happened to him.

This morning, in the segment of the doctor Juan Rivera, in ‘Despierta América’, he and Karla Martínez, spoke with doctor George González, neurologist and to whom Dr. Juan introduced him once he learned what had happened and placed himself at his orders.

What happened to Alejandra Espinoza?… The question that a week after the episode we continue to ask ourselves. “Had a complex migraine, many times it presents with symptoms that are mistaken for cerebral infarction“, Dr. González began by saying.

“Migraine is an electrical discharge of brain cells,” he continued to explain.

According to doctor eThese discharges can present in many ways, such as a sharp or even painless pain and attack the motor part: loss or cloudy vision, paralysis or pain in one or more parts of the body, as happened to Alejandra.

What causes it? Both doctors agreed that there may be many factors, but the main one, stress, and although they did not directly confirm that this would be the case of Espinoza, they implied that it would.

Did you have any kind of sequels? The doctor explained that no, that in the long term it will not have any kind of sequel.

All the blood vessels going to your brain are open… All the studies went well, he had no output in the brain, did not leave any kind of long-term effect. It is the first time that has happened to him, we have a couple of pending studies, but he looks good physically ”, confirmed Dr. González.

As we saw last Sunday, in agreement with the production, Alejandra Espinoza stayed resting at home surrounded by the love of her family, especially her son Matteo, and Giselle Blondet hosted the Univision reality show. Let us remember that during his hospitalization his main concern was to be away from the little one.

Will we see her this Sunday in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina‘? Although it has not yet been confirmed, everything indicates that it is.



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