“You don’t play here because you’re a narco”, when Los Tucanes de Tijuana were banned from their homeland

for several decades The Tijuana toucans They have been one of the best groups in the Regional Mexican and not for nothing, they are called “The Chick Daddies”. They have been very successful with their love songs, their corridos and of course, we cannot fail to mention “La Chona”, the famous woman who goes to dances every day and buys a bottle and when the band plays, then she looks for a dancer .

Throughout his musical career, the musical group led by the Sinaloan musician Mario Quintero and formed in the 80’s in the border city of Tijuana, state of Baja California, Mexico, has also faced various controversies.

Some time ago, Los Tucanes de Tijuana were banned from their homeland and for many years, their concerts were prohibited in that city in the north of the Mexican Republic. What happened?

It all started in 2008, when the group performed a show at the Hipodromo Caliente in Tijuana. In a part of the concert, Mario Quintero Lara sent a greeting to “El Teo” and his compadre “El Muletas”, also saying: “Up in the morning”.

The singer-songwriter later assured that he only read a greeting that a person from the public sent them, written on a napkin.

But this did not stop there. Julian Leyzola, who was then secretary of public security in Tijuana, Baja California, vetoed the group assuring them that while he was in that position, they would not appear in the city again, since apparently, they were doing apology of violence through their songs.

After it became known that “The parents of the chicks” were banned from Tijuana, Julián Leyzola said in an interview for the newspaper Vanguardia:

I made it very clear to Mr. Quintero, you are not going to touch here, as long as I am secretary of security, you do not touch here because you are a criminal, you are a drug trafficker.

Julián Leyzaola even asked the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to carry out a investigation against Los Tucanes de Tijuana, allegedly for having links with criminals belonging to various drug trafficking groups.

The veto controversy continued when they launched the corrido “El Muletas”. In a previous interview with Debate, Mario Quintero was very clear with his words:

We are not criminals, we are musicians dedicated to entertainment and first of all, you should meet Tucanes and find out about their musical career.

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After more than a decade banned, Los Tucanes de Tijuana returned to perform in the city where it all began for them. Fulfilling his campaign promise, the municipal president of Tijuana, Arturo González Cruz, hired them to entertain the night of the Cry of Independence in 2020.