You would be amazed to see what Maya Nazor’s sisters look like: photos of Farah and Ximena

Maya Nazor, 23 years old, is the topic of the moment. Apparently, she has already ended her romance with Santa Fe Klan, that’s why everyone wants to know more about the model, who is a beauty for many, but also her sisters Ximena and Farah are stealing the camera.

That’s why we’ll tell you more about these girls, and we’ll start with Ximena Nazor, the second of three sisters. She has a beauty just as exotic as Maya Nazor, but she also loves to show off her knockout body.

But that’s not all, as the blonde is also a fashion lover. If you take a look at her Instagram account, you can see the photos where she models very modern outfits, as well as some makeup with which she looks like a beautiful angel.

“The most beautiful barbies, we all love them,” “Like 3 Drops of water, they made it with much love”, “Wow, how beautiful are the three Nazor sisters I love them,” “What beautiful eyes and villas ladies, I glad my day! I would like to be close to you, close to those beautiful skies”, wrote the social networks with their beauty.

Farah Nazor is the youngest of the three sisters, and according to her older sister, the young girl has a special character because she is very angry. She is also doing things only the way she likes because, in the tag of the sisters, this is how the other girls described her.

On Instagram, she has just over 147 thousand followers, in addition to many publications where she makes it clear that she loves the beach but also demonstrates the great complicity she has with her sisters.