Young boy dies in car accident on White Horse Pike while sleeping in his father’s parked Honda during a fishing trip in Absecon

Loss shatters family fishing trip as prosecutors consider intensifying charges against driver involved in the fatal Atlantic County incident.

Javier Velez, an 8-year-old boy, met with a tragic fate in New Jersey’s Atlantic County. The young boy, who was on a serene fishing trip with his father and younger brother, was resting in the back seat of their car when disaster struck.

Velez was abruptly awakened from his slumber in the parked 1995 Honda car on White Horse Pike (Route 30) in Absecon. Edward Johnston, a 25-year-old Egg Harbor City resident, driving a 2019 Nissan Sentra, plowed into the parked vehicle early Sunday morning. ABC News confirmed that the boy was promptly taken to a nearby hospital, but despite medical efforts, he was pronounced dead.

Reflecting on the heart-wrenching incident, the boy’s mother, Kaylah Smith, opened up to Breaking AC. She recounted that her son was sound asleep in the back while his father, Orlando Velez, was busy packing up the car. Their family outing also included Javier’s younger brother, Jerry.

Diving deeper into the family’s frequent outings, Smith revealed that the quietness of Absecon attracted the boys’ father. It was a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of their hometown, Philadelphia, and a favorite spot for crabbing.

So far, Johnston has been handed mere citations for the accident. However, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office hints at the possibility of more severe charges, pending the conclusive results of their investigation. The motive behind this shocking accident remains a mystery, with no other reported injuries.

This tragic accident joins a grim list. It marks the 18th fatal crash in Atlantic County this year, and notably, the second on Route 30, as state police records and radio station emphasize.

On a related note, just last week, a fiery crash on a Long Island (NY) Expressway in Holtsville claimed the lives of two drivers. One of the victims was of Hispanic descent. The two vehicles collided head-on, setting the scene ablaze.

In light of these tragic events, New York authorities sternly reiterate their unwavering stance: there is zero tolerance for drivers who recklessly speed or make the irresponsible choice of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.