Young caught game Six Flags Mexico record the moment of terror

  • Moments of terror lived some young Mexican women at Six Flags Mexico
  • Women got caught in a mechanical game
  • They decided to broadcast a Facebook video asking for help

Young people are trapped in a mechanical game at Six Flags Mexico and live moments of terror not knowing what to do and with their nerves on edge, although they decided to make a live broadcast on Facebook to give an account of what they were going through and to ask for help.

The ‘Proceso’ portal reported how some Mexican girls were trapped in the mechanical attraction called ‘The Joker’, a roller coaster of the strongest in the Six Flags Mexico amusement park at 10:55 in the morning without knowing what to do.

Moments of terror lived some young women in a mechanical game of Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags Mexico

In the heights, the three young women were caught in the mechanical game ‘The Joker’ having the imposing view of Mexico City from many meters high, but there was another chilling image that they managed to capture with their cell phone while developing the live broadcast on Facebook.

It all happened last Thursday, August 12 at the edge of 11 in the morning at Six Flags Mexico, when apparently a failure caused all the games to stop, leaving the crew of several of them in suspense and terror when none could move. and they didn’t know why.

Youngsters get caught in Six Flags mechanical game

Youngsters caught up in the game
Facebook: Yaniz de Caz

“Caught… hey… help”, were the screams of two of the three young women who were caught in a Six Flags game while they recorded everything that happened with their cell phone and shared it on a Facebook live broadcast, to realize that another attraction was going through the same thing.

The young women were sitting with their masks on from above, when ‘The Joker’ stopped, the mechanical game they wanted to enjoy and not ‘suffer’, only to realize that the other attraction ‘Superman’, also a roller coaster, was stopped with all the nervous crew.

The young women managed to relax and laugh at the situation at Six Flags Mexico

Young caught mechanical game

“They greet us from there, from the Superman who got trapped as well. I do not know what happened. I don’t know what’s going on here, all the games stopped, the ones on the swing are already going down ”, the young women are heard saying as they watched the Six Flags Mexico workers work.

The Facebook ‘Yaniz de Caz’ was in charge of transmitting the moments of terror experienced by the young women who said: “We are in the middle of ‘The Joker’. Up to the top we were touched, with my sisters. The baby here is freshly vaccinated, but here she is. The whole park is stopped. Everything. I’m afraid! My brother is a ‘salty’ because he said we were going to get caught in a game, “they said.

Scared or were they enjoying it? Young girls caught in mechanical play react

Horror moments Six Flags Mexico

Unfortunately, a general failure in the light supply would cause the attractions to be stopped, unleashing the moments of tension, nervousness and terror that several crew members were experiencing, although the trapped Mexican girls even enjoyed themselves.

“It just can not be! I already want to get off! Everything is stopped. They are all returning, do not invent. The ones on the swings have already been lowered. We would have had the little shadow, we are here in the heat … Help! Help! ”, They shouted desperately because of the heat they were having in the heights.

They ask Six Flags Mexico to stop recording

Six Flags Mexico

In full transmission on Facebook, it was also possible to verify how Six Flags Mexico employees ask the girls to stop recording the moment and the above triggered comments from those who were watching the video: older !! “,” From the creators of “losses” come from CDMX, “the trapped”.

“They forgot to pay the electricity to those in the park”, “It does not hold so much weight”, “They will die for the country”, “That is the exciting thing, is that Six Flags did not pay the electricity bill”, “Do not stain the best something happened, technical failures “,” Yanix since yesterday they are reporting these failures friend “,” Failed by tremor? ” people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE CAUGHT IN THE SIX FLAGS GAME

Another game glitch put more people in check

Mechanical gambling in Michigan
Photo Twitter

Before the video of the young Mexican women, weeks ago, several people were caught in a mechanical game called Martillo, during a fair in Michigan, United States, which caused fear among the people, since it got totally out of control and they feared a tragedy, according to the Telemundo and Despierta América news portals.

What was supposed to be a night of fun and joy, turned into moments of anguish and anxiety for dozens of people who did not believe what was happening, because a mechanical game practically ‘came to life’ by itself and nobody could control it. Filed Under: Young Catch Six Flags Mexico Game

They walk away to take shelter

Photo Twitter

The heavy mechanical game caused terror as it suddenly increased in speed and intensity, and the movement further scared the people above the game, as those present tried to do something to stop it.

All this happened during the 95th anniversary of the Annual National Cherry Festival, where hundreds of people attend daily to want to enjoy a moment of fun, but this time it could be a tragedy. Filed Under: Young Catch Six Flags Mexico Game

Screams of despair

Young caught Six Flags Mexico game
Photo Twitter

It is said that the number of passengers was less than 20 people, however, this was enough for the mishap to cause fear among those present, since next to it there were other games and positions that could have been affected.

At the time of the complicated situation, chaos and fear seized all the people who managed to realize it, that is why they all moved away, as a first reaction, to get to safety, after seeing that the mechanical game was out of control. Filed Under: Young Catch Six Flags Mexico Game

Amusement Park in Michigan: THE PEOPLE ARE CORORDINATED

Young caught Six Flags Mexico game
Photo Twitter

But when they left, some people took the opportunity to take video of what was happening, while the relatives of the passengers desperately wondered who could stop the mechanical game that was taking more and more strength.

Suddenly he began to stagger back and forth without anyone being able to do anything, while the shouts of the passengers were louder and some even came to ask for help, without anyone being able to do something about it. Filed Under: Young Catch Six Flags Mexico Game

Mechanical Play in Michigan: EXIT SAFE AND SAFE

Young caught Six Flags Mexico game
Photo Twitter

After a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, a man decided to approach the fence and held it with his two arms, in a desperate attempt to prevent it from collapsing, but his strength was insufficient to achieve it.

However, seeing that he could not, some relatives of the passengers who were above the hammer as well as others present, ran towards him to help him counterweight, since the game was about to go backwards. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Young Catch Six Flags Mexico Game

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