Young girl attacked with hammer blows to the head by her ex-boyfriend wakes up after 15 days unconscious

The young Karla Guadalupe “N” who was attacked with a hammer presumably by her ex-boyfriend Ernesto “N” was found lying on the floor in the middle of a pool of blood and with a hammer next to it, in the state of Veracruz in Mexico on August 31, he regained consciousness.

Her mother Corey Pulido Grande announced on her social networks that 15 days after the attack against the young woman at her home, in the Zaragoza neighborhood of the port of Veracruz, she had woken up despite the fact that the doctors gave no hope.

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On the day of the attack, the 27-year-old girl was admitted to a hospital with head trauma due to the injuries, after being found by one of her neighbors who went up to see if she was okay because she had been hearing screams and blows, but through the window she Ernesto appeared and said: “I’m killing two mice, Karla is in shock “.

“I’m coming right now, I’m going for a soda, because her blood pressure dropped and she’s in shock on top of the bed,” he said to the neighbor without realizing that Ernesto was actually running away.

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Since Ernesto did not come back from buying the soda, accompanied by the domestic worker of the house, the woman went up to the room again, they called Karla, but received no answer, they tried to enter, but when they could not, they looked out the window and They saw the girl surrounded by a pool of blood, so they immediately called the authorities.

The emergency services took her to the hospital where the doctors gave no hope that she would recover, but fortunately she managed to wake up.

For now, Ernesto “N” is a fugitive from justice, while friends and family carry out a search campaign on social networks so that those who know of his whereabouts, denounce him because he is accused of attempted femicide.

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