Young Hispanic woman kidnapped and tortured a man she met on Instagram: indictment in New York

Instagram, one of the most used social networks by young adults.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Valerie Rosario, a 22-year-old, faces charges of kidnapping and attempted murder of a man she allegedly summoned to an apartment in the Bronx (NYC) after meeting on Instagram.

According to the accusation of the prosecutors, on February 7, a 24-year-old man went to an apartment in the Bronx believing that he was about to go out with a brunette girl he had met on Instagram; but it turned out to be a trap that almost cost him his lifebecause the woman was actually part of a group of sadists who kidnapped him and tortured him for hours, even stabbing him while demanding $100,000 ransom on a FaceTime call to his brother.

When police found the victim some 24 hours later, he was tied up and gagged at the party back of a pickup truck, barely clinging to life, described New York Post.

Rosario was the woman who supposedly attracted him, it was revealed in court last week, when she was arrested. The case is expected to go before a grand jury on Tuesday. Prosecutors say the Lower East Side resident allegedly lured the “complete stranger” to an address in Marble Hill Avenue after they connected on Instagram and the attackers were motivated by the money he showed in his account on that social network.

The unidentified victim arrived at the appointment around 1 am and that’s when the twisted torture session began: three men broke into the apartment and one of them hit him with a pistol, according to the court document.

Rosario and the accomplices then allegedly stripped the victim, “placed him in a bathtub, they poured flammable substances on him and burned him with a flame” All over the body. They also tormented him with a knife, hitting him “on the legs, back and body,” the criminal complaint says.

“After several hours of torture”, the kidnappers moved their victim to a different place, Assistant District Attorney Andrew Kluger said at Rosario’s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court last Thursday.

When the kidnappers called a brother of the victim, police officers were able to track down one of the suspects, Javier Vargas, outside a address in queenswhere he was sitting in a pickup truck with a knife, according to court documents.

The victim was found lying in the back of the truck, “unconscious, wrapped in a blanket with duct tape covering her mouth,” according to the complaint. She was “barely breathing,” prosecutor Kluger said. He was treated at a hospital for multiple burns and stab wounds to the face, body, back and legs, according to the complaint.

“Rosario denies all allegations that have been made against her,” defense attorney Raymond Loving said in a statement Monday. Both Vargas and another of the alleged kidnappers were also remanded in custody after being arrested and charged last week.