Young man can not put gasoline, he missed the hole to fill the tank

In TikTok the moment in which a young man can’t put gasolineit was visible that she was worried and even stressed, but despite seeming like a joke, she did not know how to position the vehicle properly.

The video does not say where this peculiar scene occurred, but the way in which the event was narrated caused it to go viral.

Young man can’t put gas

The young woman ended up moving the vehicle in different gas stations. The feedback has been fabulous.

At first you see how he arrives at the gas station, gets out of his vehicle and goes to the station, takes the hose and that’s when it all started.

When taking the hose and trying to put it in the fuel supply hole, he realizes that it is not there, so he decides to change position, but although he thought that he would turn to face the opposite side, he ended up in the same position but in a different place.

The woman seems not to understand that it has remained the sameso he goes down again and tries to refill his vehicle, but again he notices that the hole is not there.

Comments on why the young woman cannot put gasoline

The feedback has been fabulous.

  • “Now, drawing conclusions, that is what my husband refers to when he says that he does not teach me to drive, I think I am going to pay better attention to him”
  • “Amazing hahahaha”
  • “It is possible that he did not know the vehicle or it is his first time”

Although unfortunately, this funny scene ends without revealing whether, finally, he managed to fill the tank or not.

And it is that the narration that they have put on TikTok where the young woman cannot put gasoline in her car has recently led to the video going viral, since apparently the events occurred in mid-2021.

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