Young man leaves surgery and sent intimate photos by mistake

After her gender reassignment surgery, a young woman sent intimate photos by mistake to an unknown person, and it was not one, but for several days.

The story was told by the TikTok user @chezablondexo, there she said that she never imagined that she would experience an unpleasant situation after undergoing her surgery.

The young woman began by saying: “Obviously, I just had surgery on my vagina and my doctor says: ‘You’re going to have to send us emails and photos, just to make sure everything looks good'”

The TikTok video notes that was obliged to share photos of the results of his operation with his doctor, hence the painful situation that happened.

Sent intimate photos by mistake

The woman herself was a patient of a doctor, but the serious mistake was sending intimate photos to a stranger. After she sent intimate photos by mistake and went through the shame of what happened, some of her criticized her.

The video continues and he says, “I send two or three photos once a day or every two days”, however, one day he received an unexpected call: “And my doctor calls me and says: ‘We don’t have any images, are you Everything okay?’”, something that caused her a lot of surprise because she considered that she had done it.

That’s how he checked his inbox and discovered that he was “sending photos to the wrong damn email address”. “So if anyone has them, I’m really sorry, I really don’t know what to do.”commented on his now viral TikTok video.

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Young man receives criticism for sending his “pack”

After she sent intimate photos by mistake and went through the shame of what happened, some criticized her.

Although for some the TikTok video was a bit funny, others left quite negative comments, in fact @chezablondexo unleashed an avalanche of reactions.

  • “What if you ruin a marriage?”
  • “I was wondering why dad looked so happy this morning.”
  • “Ohhhh, that’s what was in my email this morning.”
  • “It’s probably not anyone’s email if it’s just a letter from their doctors”

In the end, many commented on the girl who sent intimate photos by mistake that it should be considered that “It’s probably not anyone’s email address”.

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