Young man pampers his hamster with gourmet food and goes viral

anton allana 21-year-old Scotsman, has gone viral on TikTok for pamper your hamster with gourmet meals. Of course, he has made it clear more than once that the food he gives his adorable pet is prepared with ingredients suitable for the animal’s diet.

The little rodent, who answers to the name of mr marshmallowenjoy delicious recipes every day such as pizza, hot cakes, spaghetti and cakes, as well as fruits and other types of food that leave everyone who watches the videos that its owner shares on the platform and where he is the only one with cravings protagonist,

“Many people ask me why I spend time making food for hamsters… I really take it as a hobby, but many people are following in my footsteps” replied the tiktoker Anton Allan, who has stolen the eyes of social networks for the simple fact of pamper your pet through gastronomy.

Mr. Marshmallow, a TikTok star

The adorable rodent has become a TikTok star with more than 298.5 thousand followers. It is necessary that you take into account several details before acquiring one of these animals.

Maybe you don’t know but Mr. Marshmallow is perhaps the most popular hamster in the virtual world; To prove this, we have the fact that his official profile on said platform has more than 298 thousand followers and his videos already exceed 9.9 million likes.

From there, Anton Allan shares the fun moments he lives by his side, but also shares some of the recipes that have made it viral. Her case reminds us of the time a tiktoker captivated netizens by showing off how her hamster enjoyed the hotcakes that she had lovingly prepared for him.

What are the care for a hamster?

It is necessary that you take into account several details before acquiring one of these animals.

hamsters They require certain care, as well as giving them a habitat with adequate measures for themselves or else they will get stressed easily. For this reason, AmericanPost.News It is recommended to inform yourself before adopting one of them so as not to contribute to animal exploitation and remember that it is an endangered species.

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Photographs: Social Networks