Young man receives toy he always wanted as a child and emotional reaction goes viral

The Christmas He left us magical and emotional moments, some of which reached social networks and managed to move, such as the protagonist of this viral video, who after many years of waiting Finally He received the toy he always wanted as a child.

The reaction of the young man is so genuine that he managed to convey his emotion to the Internet users who saw the video, because he couldn’t help crying upon receiving the unexpected gift.

It was through TikTok that the video was shared and the story behind this emotional moment was told. It was the user @grispandy who, through the app, narrated that long ago, when her son was a child, he always asked for the same Christmas gift: a Hot Wheels car track.

Mom couldn’t buy him the gift when he was a kid

After several years the young man received his Hot Wheels car track. The young man cried with emotion upon receiving his gift

The user, apparently the young man’s mother, said that despite her son’s wishes at that time, she did not have the financial resources to buy this gift for her little one. But over the years the situation improved and she she was finally able to buy her son the clue he asked for every Christmas.

The user reported that despite the time that had elapsed, she took on the task of looking for the toy that her son wanted so much in childhood in order to surprise him and judging by the incredible reaction of the young man when he received his gift, he gave it to him.

The emotional reaction of the young man went viral

The young man cried with emotion upon receiving his gift

At video shared on TikTok The 25-year-old is observed sitting in the living room of his house, when his mother hands him a gift box. He immediately begins to open his gift, but as soon as he breaks the packaging and notices the contents, he begins to laugh.

Later, the young man manages to remove all the paper and contemplates the car track from both sides, but the young man cannot control the emotion and ends up shedding some tears of joy, which managed to excite and move not only his mother, but Internet users. who watched the viral TikTok video.

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