Young man returns to his village after years and finds his fiancé with another

The content you can find in TikTok not only consists of choreography and fun but extreme challenges, since it is also possible know stories that do not take long to go viral, thus making millions of netizens aware. A clear example of this is the sad story of a woman who finds her boyfriend being unfaithful in a park.

The recording tells the story of a young woman who She returns excited to her town after several years of absence. However, the detail that stands out is that in her hands she is carrying a bouquet of flowers, which she will give to her boyfriend, who He promised her that he would wait for her as long as it takes to walk together down the aisle and unite their lives in marriage.

Sadly, she didn’t expect that. she would find her lover hugging another woman in a park. With doubt, the young woman slowly approaches and confirming that it was her boyfriend reacts violently and ends up throwing the bouquet at him to later withdraw while he begs her to allow him an explanation.

As expected, the video originally shared by the user @deivid.farley77 quickly went viral, since since its publication and until now has managed to exceed 8.5 million views, 667.8 thousand likes and more than 7 thousand comments, most of these with messages of comfort for the deceived woman.

Netizens doubt its veracity

Netizens say it’s all about a performance. Unfortunately, infidelity was on the rise during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Another detail that has caught the attention of netizens is that the people who star in the video are very young, which suggests that it could all be a recreation. Despite this, most people seem to have believed the story, since it cannot be denied that Tiktok has been a key piece in detecting infidelities.

“More faked than my best friend’s relationship”, “It’s re-acted”, “I bear with those who think it’s real”, “The one who is recording is invisible or what”, “I think it’s acted but it hurts” and ” I would believe the story if they had not put teenagers” are some of the comments that are read in said viral video.

What counts as infidelity?

Unfortunately, infidelity was on the rise during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

as you mentioned AmericanPost.News Previously, the current coronavirus pandemic did not stop infidelities. Let’s keep in mind that we can call infidelity the fact of having affective feelings towards another person without having to have a sexual encounter, which is capable of destroying a relationship and harming the individuals involved.

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