Young Mexican woman presumes that she earns more in Canada working at Uber than as Chemistry in Mexico

A young Mexican woman who is a Chemist, Bacteriologist and Parasitologist, unleashed a series of comments on social networks after she has shared different videos in which she testifies that In Canada she is doing very well as an Uber delivery person.

Through different videos, the user @roadbels is very happy working in Canada, making food deliveries on her bicycle and making it clear that In Canada you earn more money than you did working in Mexico, even though you have a bachelor’s degree.

@roadbels is also a teacher in Microbial Biotechnology and before the desire to get ahead she decided to travel to Canada in search of better opportunities. And he has found them, but not related to his profession.

The girl shows that she makes her deliveries by bicycle, gives herself the opportunity to go for a walk, enjoys life and even You have bought a car with what you get from your job.

The young woman highlights that in Canada she has a better quality of life, there is cultural exchange and better job opportunities for people who want to get ahead.

In one of her videos @roadbels shows that she is not the only Mexican happy in those lands, because other Mexican friends also appear who they do well working as waiters or gardeners despite having professional studies.

Recently in this same space we publicized the case of Diego Saúl Reyna, another Mexican who is enjoying the opportunities offered by work in Canada, as it shows that he being a bricklayer, he bought a beautiful house, in a residential complex with a lake, all with the fruit of their effort.

The videos of the young Mexican have unleashed all kinds of comments, because while many congratulate her on her desire to get ahead and that things are going well working outside her country, others do not match her.

Some user comments on TikTok congratulate the young woman for dare to leave Mexico and seek a better chance at life.

Others question that then why study whether you earn more as a dealer in another country, that that is conformity.

And there is no shortage of people who share comments of similar experiences: “I am Mexican, an industrial engineer, with a master’s degree and I live in Norway and I’m a hotel housekeeper but they pay me super well”.

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