Young people get rich in store

  • Two friends become millionaires with a scratch-off ticket
  • Young people made $ 3 million
  • They were traveling to work together when they stopped at the QuikTrip at Sparta Pike in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Millionaire friends scratch ticket. A curious case occurred in the state of Tennessee when two friends were going on a trip to work together, suddenly at a stop at a store they became millionaires. Young people bought a scratch-off ticket without imagining that they would be the happiest by earning a large amount of money.

Wyatt Close and Brandon Thompson are $ 1.5 million richer thanks to a scratch-off lottery ticket they bought while traveling to work together on October 1, and stopped at a QuikTrip at Sparta Pike in Lebanon, Tennessee. They got a tremendous surprise when they won such a prize of 3 million dollars, according to 7 ABC.

Couple of friends become millionaires

Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch

Brandon Thompson decided that morning to split the cost of a couple of lottery tickets with his friend Wyatt Close, to try his luck and see if they would win a few dollars. It is worth mentioning that Thompson almost decided not to, but fortunately he agreed to pay the tickets.

Upon entering the store, the store didn’t have the game Close had in mind, so the young man bought two “Jumbo Bucks Titanium” instant tickets and took them back to the truck. “That was the fourth ticket (Thompson) has bought. I bought them from time to time since I was 18 years old. However, I have never been so lucky, ”said the lucky man.

Millionaire Ticket Scratch Friends: They Consider It A Blessing

Millionaire Ticket Scratch Friends: They Consider It A Blessing

The two men had even planned to buy the ticket since last week, but in the end, due to different circumstances, they did not. Many would call it luck, but Wyatt Close wouldn’t call it luck, rather a blessing, as they were destined to buy that winning ticket.

“One of the guys said he had two more tickets for $ 30, so we ended up buying those and three more tickets. I don’t remember what they were, ”Close said. So they had no choice but to buy them and what happened next is already known, at the time of scraping it.

Millionaire friends scratch ticket: “I just told him to scratch the ticket”

Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch: "I just told him to scratch the ticket"

The friends had gone to some gas stations in search of a particular lottery ticket, and when they entered the station in Lebanon, they came out as millionaires: “I just told him to scratch the ticket, let’s see what it is. He got off and scraped it off, and I saw a big bold black number, so it was a new sensation, “said one of the lucky ones.

“I was jumping up and down. He was also excited. I do not know; it was just a feeling like I had never felt before, ”he said. The aforementioned $ 30 ticket turned into a $ 3 million profit, and when the lucky man is asked what he wanted to buy with his new winnings, he replies that one day a house in Wilson County.

Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch: “I Bought a Razor So Far”

Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch: "I bought a razor so far"

At just 19 years old, Wyatt Close runs his own auto detailing business, so with the proceeds, he says he wants to play smart and advises others in this situation to do the same. He even revealed what has been bought so far: “I haven’t really spent too much yet. I bought a razor so far; that’s all I spent the money on, ”he said.

Millionaire Friends Scratch Ticket: Woman Wins Lottery Twice

Win lottery twice
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A few weeks ago in a similar case, a Florida woman won the Mega Millions lottery twice on the same day, which brought her a total prize of four million dollars, reported this Saturday the newspaper El Nuevo Herald, according to information from the EFE news agency and the UPI Portal, a rare event in this type of game.

The woman, a resident of Boca Raton, southeast Florida, bought two tickets with the same Mega Millions lottery numbers on September 14. The lucky numbers for the woman were 4, 13, 19, 63 and 64, which brought Susan Fitton, 64, $ 2 million for each ticket, for a total of $ 4 million.

Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch: Sexy Bag

Attractive bag
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Fitton bought the tickets at a small Boca Raton store and claimed his prize six days after winning the lottery, which will also earn the store a commission of $ 10,000 for selling the winning numbers, the media said. The Florida Lottery has distributed more than 772 million in Mega Millions prizes to about 60 million players since it began selling these tickets in 2013, according to the state agency.

Mega Millions is one of the most famous lotteries in the United States and the world, because if no player hits the numbers, the prize accumulates and sometimes people from other parts of the world even play, since they almost always have very attractive bags for all.

Another does not collect his prize

Another does not collect his prize
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But not all the people who win the lottery have good luck, as there are some stories that are of tragedy. A few days ago it was revealed that a man, Gregory Jarvis, a 57-year-old man from Michigan, won the jackpot of $ 45 thousand from the game Club Keno The Jack, however, he died drowned and could not collect and enjoy it , according to information provided by the New York Post portal.

A real tragedy lived this man, but before a real ordeal and he could not get the necessary documentation to receive the cash prize, and in the end he had the most unfortunate of deaths, since he had no opportunity to enjoy the money. Filed Under: Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch

The facts

Win lottery twice
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Authorities reported that Gregory Jarvis was at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville on Sept. 13 when he decided to try his luck at the complementary game of Club Keno The Jack, and unusually hit the jackpot, WJRT of Flint reported.

The man then had to enlist in order to collect the prize, since according to the Michigan Lottery Commission, all winners of prizes over $ 600 must present a photo ID and their Social Security card in order to receive the prize. . Filed Under: Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch

“Very nice guy”

Mega millions
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People who knew him only had positive words for him: “Very nice guy, he was here every day. Someone said that someone just won The Jack and he said, ‘Great’, and someone asked him, ‘Was it you?’ And so it was, so I was super excited, “co-owner Dawn Talaski told the news station.

Talaski himself said that Gregory Jarvis returned to the inn after a week and bought several rounds of alcoholic beverages, however, he had not yet collected his winning Club Keno The Jack ticket and all because he did not have the documents that asked him for the authorities. Filed Under: Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch

“I couldn’t collect it because I didn’t have a Social Security card.”

Susan fitton
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“He couldn’t collect it because he didn’t have a Social Security card, it wasn’t good, so he applied for a new one,” Talaski told WJRT. In addition, the owner of the company said that she was alerted when Gregory Jarvis did not return as usual, so she did not take it so much.

“Sometimes he’s up north working, he wasn’t here all week and we thought something was wrong,” he said, adding that Jarvis’s boss showed up later at the bar to confess that he hadn’t made it to work, so the concern was more evident. Filed Under: Millionaire Friends Ticket Scratch