“Your absence surrounds me”, Humberto Zurita before the death anniversary of his wife Christian Bach

Three years have passed since the death of the beloved Argentine film and television actress Christian Bach. His widower, the Mexican actor Humberto Zuritapublished on his Instagram account a text by the writer of short stories, poems and essays Jorge Luis Borges, on the occasion of his death anniversarywith which he expresses his feelings about the physical absence of the mother of his two children Sebastián and Emiliano.

“I will have to raise the vast life that even now is your mirror: every morning I will have to rebuild it. Since you left, how many places have become vain and meaningless, equal to lights in the day,” cites a part of the Argentine’s writing entitled “Absence”.

The Mexican naturalized producer also died at the age of 59 in Los Angeles, California, United States, due to respiratory arrest.

Another part of the text shared by the Christian Bach’s widower says: “afternoons that were niche of your image, music in which you always waited for me, words of that time, I will have to break them with my hands. In what hollow will I hide my soul so that it does not see your absence that like a terrible sun, without sunset, shines definitive and merciless? Your absence surrounds me like the rope to the throat, the sea to which it sinks”.

It is worth mentioning that Humberto Zurita constantly shares poems in his social networks in memory of his wife for more than 30 years.

Humberto Zurita shared this photo of his wife Christian Bach.

The death of Christian Bach took his fans and the artistic world in our country by surprise. Although he died on February 26, 2019, the news of his death was released four days later.because her relatives wanted to say goodbye to her in peace and in an intimate way.

To date, it is unknown the illness that the actress had. In a previous interview with the television host Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the father of the also actor Sebastián Zurita, mentioned that he will take that secret to the grave. Also, he said that it was the same actress, who decided to keep her condition private.

“It’s one of her things, it’s something she decided, she made that decision in her life and she kept it and we keep it, and that’s how it will always be. We said what we had to say (about her death), well, we communicated to the people and their fans who had died. But you shouldn’t make a circus out of those things, I think, and we never wanted to do it, not even in our lives when we were alive, when she was alive, and well, there are many secrets that are takes one to the grave.”

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Through a statement, the family reported: “it was always his will to keep personal and family affairs in absolute privacy in order to lead a normal life, parallel to our profession and the media exposure derived from our work. It is this public part of our life that today forces us to share with all of you this great loss for the family”.