Your ex-partner breaks the silence

  • Former partner of Larry Ramos sues him for extortion
  • Supposedly Ninel Conde’s husband keeps his partner’s money
  • “Larry told me that the money he had defrauded at that time had been distributed and another part was owned by his current wife”

Husband Ninel Conde sued. The businessman Larry Ramos, husband of the singer and actress Ninel Conde, who is detained in Miami, under house arrest could be involved in a new crime and this time with his partner. His ex-partner broke the silence to take out the laundry in the sun.

Through the Instagram account of the Suelta la Sopa program, Norlan Moncada, a businessman with whom Larry Ramos did business with him in Nicaragua, spoke exclusively to mention that he has publicly denounced his former partner to the FBI for alleged extortion.

Former partner of Larry Ramos sues him for extortion

Lawsuit husband Ninel Conde

It should be remembered that they had already gone through a similar moment where the ‘killer hottie’ had categorically denied having been involved in any crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States (FBI) who was investigating Ninel Conde for the millionaire fraud of Larry Ramos.

But Moncada has decided to break the silence and take out the laundry in the sun of his ex-partner, Larry Ramos, to whom he gave his absolute confidence in recent months. She claims that Ninel’s husband had suggested that she start a money laundering business again for the amount of $ 350,000.

Lawsuit husband Ninel Conde: Ninel Conde involved?

Husband Ninel Conde lawsuit: Ninel Conde involved?

During the interview with Norlan Moncada, he spoke about what his ex-partner told him on behalf of his wife, Ninel Conde: “If I tell you that he is supporting me, I will lie to you, and if I tell you that he is not supporting me, I will also lie to you. ”, He said about the possible involvement of the singer.

According to the businessman’s words, Ninel would have in his possession part of the money that Larry defrauded: “At the beginning he told me that he was innocent, and that one of the things that was becoming more complicated for him was that his wife was not collaborating with him. the liberation of the money she had for him ”.

Husband Ninel Conde demands: He could go back to jail

I could go back to jailINSTAGRAM PHOTO

In addition, he assured that the husband of the Assassin Bombon was not sure of having her full support, since he denied him access to the money he had in his hands: “Larry told me that the money that he had defrauded at that time had been distributed one part in Spain, another part in Nicaragua and the other part was owned by his current wife ”.

Finally, he considers that Ramos could return to jail, however, he also trusts that Larry is capable of doing anything to defend himself: “Most likely, the precautionary measure that the judge granted him at this time will be annulled. “, Concluded the businessman.

Husband Ninel Conde Lawsuit: The Killer Bombshell’s Response

The Killer Bombshell's responseINSTAGRAM PHOTO

During a broadcast of the Primera Mano program, they contacted Ninel Conde to give her opinion about her husband’s alleged fraud: “Look, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting this person who is saying these alleged statements that are totally false. It’s absolutely a lie, “said the actress.

He also assured that his legal team is already working on this legal situation: “My legal team is already preparing to do what is pertinent because it is something very delicate, in which in the United States all situations that are falsely declared have repercussions,” clarified Ninel . TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Husband Ninel Conde lawsuit: How it all started

Ninel CondePhoto: archive

It all started when Ninel Conde’s partner was arrested on April 16 by the FBI in Miami, Florida. Larry Ramos would have allegedly defrauded 235 people and given their love affair, now the Mexican actress is in the ‘crosshairs’ of the investigative agency.

Even the Prosecutor’s Office for the Southern District of Florida previously reported the reasons why Larry Ramos was facing a process before the US justice and even offered the details of the crime that the businessman would have committed.

What was Ramos accused of?

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According to the prosecution, the formal document “charged Ramos with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five counts of wire fraud.” They also explained that Ramos would have mounted a fraud operation “from approximately December 2013 to June 2020.”

How did the fraud work? “Ramos and his co-conspirators convinced the victims to invest their money in Ramos’ company, The W Trade Group (” TWT “).” In principle, the entrepreneur would have attracted his clients with an “investment strategy of the company was based on a commodity trading algorithm that he had developed, clients could obtain investment returns of up to 19%”, they explained, but “Once Ramos received the money from clients, he did not invest it as promised and instead used it for his own benefit.” File as: Lawsuit husband Ninel Conde

How was Ninel Conde affected?

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Ninel Conde denied in an interview with Gordo de Molina having married Larry Ramos and although everyone believed that it was a legitimate marriage, she clarified that it was a spiritual ceremony. He also explained that there were no economic ties between them, or business in common.

Still, the FBI is investigating her. Guillermo Carvajal, one of the victims of Larry Ramos, assured that the US authorities will investigate the Mexican actress for having received money from Larry’s illicit earnings and will also check if they did business together, reported SDP Noticias. File as: Lawsuit husband Ninel Conde

The FBI hot on his heels

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“He is a criminal, he can no longer defraud anyone else and it became a federal crime; he already has a problem with the United States government, ”Guillermo Carvajal said of Larry Ramos, who paid his bail and is currently wearing a GPS ankle shackle.

The FBI Miami is the body that leads the investigation of the case in which Ramos, in addition to Guillermo Carvajal, allegedly defrauded 235 people. Apparently, they also include nothing more and nothing less than the singer Alejandra Guzmán. Ramos could plead guilty and settle with his victims. File as: Lawsuit husband Ninel Conde

What will become of Ramos if he is found guilty?

Image taken from Instagram @ninelconde

Juan Antonio González, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and George L. Piro, Special Agent in Charge, FBI, Miami Field Office, announced the six charges against Ramos: “one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five counts of wire fraud ”.

The Justice Department press release also explains that if Ramos is found guilty by a jury, then he would face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison for each count (he accumulates six).

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