“You’re too smart”, Carmen Campuzano annoys the reporter, mentioning her daughters and Debanhi

Mexican actress and model Carmen Campuzano attended an event in Mexico City, where got upset with an entertainment reporter, mentioning her daughters when trying to get a reaction of the famous, regarding the unfortunate case of Debanhi Escobar, the young law student who disappeared after attending a party; 13 days later she was found lifeless inside a cistern.

“Hey Carmen, you see Debanhi in Monterrey, but you have a couple of daughters too, you have to take care of them,” the reporter told her, referring to her daughters Camila and Daniela, fruit of the marriage she had with the actor Mario Carballido.

Given this, Carmen Campuzano he let this reporter know, if he didn’t want to be disrespected, not to mention his daughters. “Look, don’t go overboard with the question, no, no, forget it and don’t even take them out, don’t make me offend you or disrespect you. Do you have a mother, sisters and daughters?”

Immediately afterwards, the 51-year-old model, originally from Mexico City, left the place, however, a few seconds later she returned to tell this person that Camila and Daniela Carballido Campuzano, he was not a public figure.

No, it’s just that you’re too smart, my daughters in first grade are not public, don’t mention them, well, don’t suck, so literal.

It is worth mentioning that prior to this situation, Carmen Campuzano She was talking about violence against women and said that on one occasion, a paramedic touched her without her consent: “Of course, they dismissed him. Women are exposed and vulnerable in any situation, it is very painful, enough is enough.”

Let’s remember that Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldua18 years old, disappeared on April 9 at kilometer 15.5 of the highway from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredoin front of the Nueva Castilla motel, in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, after having attended a party.

This highway is called “the highway of terror”, due to the cases of kidnappings and forced disappearances registered on it. The case shocked the country due to the viral image of Debanhi abandoned on the road and the search for her father, Mario Escobar.

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13 days later, Debanhi’s body was found inside an abandoned cistern, at the Nueva Castilla motel, a few meters from the place where he disappeared. “My daughter is dead, and I don’t know what to do,” said her father.