Youtuber Brianda Deyanara showed details of her room for the first time

the mexican influencer Brianda Deyanara showed her room for the first time in a building in Mexico City, this through a video posted on his YouTube channel, where he has almost 2 million subscribers.

at the beginning of the video the youtuber born in Monterrey He comments that many of his followers have requested the tour of the place where he sleeps, so he could not give it any longer. Brianda Deyanara lives in this apartment with other women.

From the door, the space begins to be very striking. Being a pink furniture the first thing you see when you enter.

Right next to that piece of furniture there is a kind of shelf where the 20-year-old influencer has some of her sparkly boots, by way of exposition. On another shelf is her purse and other items related to her and her career.

The room is not very large and does not have space for a dressing room like those seen in large mansions; However the closet is along almost the entire room with mirror doors.

in all the pink room is the protagonisteven has a small Christmas tree that is used throughout the year as decoration.

Throughout the room are the covers of the magazines where it has appeared, because for her that means a great achievement worthy of admiring daily.

Although it was said that the bedroom is not too large, it has everything necessary for the youtuber to feel comfortable. What’s more It has its own terrace with a nice mural and a view of the city..

The most revealing thing about this tour is Brianda Deyanara’s fascination with boots, she has all models and colors, she even asked her followers if they wanted her to make a special video about her collection.

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