YouTuber has turned his toilet into a PC so he can play video games

The popular YouTuber Basically Homeless has successfully converted a toilet common in a pc for fully functional games.

The story was initially reported by, a website dedicated to gaming news. Basicly Homeless, whose channel is dedicated to weird PC builds and other gaming-related content, released a 10-minute video showcasing the delicate and painstaking process of producing their bathroom gaming PC.

Processor could be much faster

This custom rig was specifically designed to function not only as a gaming PC, but also as a toilet that works with an internal water tank that can be properly flushed. To accomplish the task, Basically Homeless had to spend several months of preparation, researching plumbing, toilet construction, and porcelain cutting.

The YouTuber also created a 3D rendering of the plans, which is shown in the video. To start creating the PC, Basically Homeless describes how he had to cut a square hole in an extra-large toilet tank. This was done for the purpose of airflow so that the inner workings of the PC would be clearly visible.

A base plate tray also had to be glued inside the toilet tank to hold the parts in place along with a fan, which was glued inside the top of the tank. To separate the toilet water tank from the computer parts, a homemade “water wall” had to be inserted inside the tank with the PC parts neatly arranged outside.

YouTuber Basically Homeless turned his toilet into a fully functional Gaming PC with a 3060.

The PC itself features an Intel 12700 processor and a Geforce RTX 3060 graphics card, and while the parts needed to be placed inside the tank with no additional protection besides the water wall, Basically Homeless claims they didn’t check for leaks before installing the PC. toilet in your guest bathroom.

The video shows him finding a small leak during the first test flush, which he fixes with Flex Seal, a type of spray adhesive. This solution would be successful with the first test flush while the PC is on, showing the water slowly rising and stopping just below the top of the water wall while the computer remains intact and functional inside.

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