YouTuber Kevin Kaletry’s life cut short in violent attack at Condesa event

The chilling details of Kevin Kaletry's murder at a press event, the ongoing investigation, and the influencer's life and passions.

Kevin Kaletry is the name of the influencer whose life was snuffed out on the evening of May 4, 2023. He ceased to exist in an attack when he was with a content creator giving details about his work.

In the following paragraphs, we tell you under what circumstances they ended his existence, why he was murdered, if there are detainees, and more regarding this crime; also, who he was.

Le gustaba crear bastante contenido para sus miles de seguidores (Foto: Kevin Kaletry / Instagram)
He liked to create a lot of content for his thousands of followers (Photo: Kevin Kaletry / Instagram).

How did Kevin Kaletry die?

The YouTuber Kevin Kaletry was murdered during a press conference in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. He had arrived to present the new show “La Escuelita,” where he would participate with Wendy Guevara of Las Perdidas.

Precisely, the transgender influencer recounted what happened and said she was very scared. ” I was in an interview, and suddenly it sounds like pyrotechnics (…). Suddenly, I see the guy in the distance falling, and blood starts coming out of his mouth. My skin crawled,” he began to relate in the conference that continued after the tragedy.

He also pointed out that he had not seen Kaletry in person before, although he had met him virtually: “I was going to meet him today. We knew him from Zoom meetings and video calls. There he was, a very good person. He joked and made us laugh. I didn’t hear about him before, but he recorded content with Marlon [Colmenares]. I just saw him, and we didn’t do crosswords, and suddenly everything was so fast, and we are dismayed.”

Who killed Kevin Kaletry and why?

According to the first information, the crime would have been perpetrated by two subjects who arrived on a motorcycle at the property, located on Benjamin Franklin Avenue in La Condesa, where the conference was being held; as soon as they identified Kevin Kaletry, they shot him directly in the head on several occasions.

Thanks to the video surveillance cameras of the Command and Control Center, it was possible to track the individuals, and an hour later, one of them was arrested, according to information from the Ministry of Public Security.

The causes that led the assailants to end Kevin Kaletry’s life are still unknown, and investigations continue.

Al muchacho le encantaban los tatuajes. Se hizo varios en todo el cuerpo, destacando en su rostro y brazo (Foto: Kevin Kaletry / Instagram)
The boy loved tattoos. He got several all over his body, highlighting on his face and arm (Photo: Kevin Kaletry / Instagram).

Who was Kevin Kaletry?

Kevin Kaletry is a content creator, 26 years old, who was part of “La Escuelita”, a show for which he reached La Condesa, where he lost his life.

He uploaded much content to his social networks, especially TikTok and Youtube. In his Instagram account, you can appreciate his passion for motorcycles. In 2022 he participated in the reality show “Amor o Fama,” where he lives with other young people who show their talents.

The influencer and Irene Icaza had a YouTube channel called “Whitexicañeros.” The last video they uploaded was on December 27 with the chapter “Un día de Bromas junto al Tamalerito.”

The young man loved tattoos, so he had them engraved on different parts of his body. The most visible were the ones on his arm and face.

What was his last Instagram post?

In the early hours of May 4, 2023, the day they ended his life in the afternoon, Kevin Kaletry uploaded to his Instagram account a video where you can see a highway and the front of his motorcycle, which he drives at high speed.

“Sometimes you want to throw in the towel and give it all up out of fear, but never give up. Sometimes, the next key may be the one that opens the door. #motivation #vamosallegarlejos,” she wrote in the post.

La última publicación que hizo el mismo día que lo asesinaron (Foto: Kevin Kaletry / Instagram)
The last post he made the same day he was murdered (Photo: Kevin Kaletry / Instagram).