Yrma Lydya’s husband assured that he loved her and wanted to support her career

New details in the life of Yrma Lydyathe young singer who was allegedly murdered by her partner, a considerably older man.

The 79 year old man When he was old, he would have noticed Yrma for her evident beauty and charisma with people, a fact that led him to establish a relationship with her.

While the murderer is linked to different political figures, various friends and people close to the couple make their controversial point of view known.

They say they loved the singer and just wanted to support her career

They say they loved the singer and just wanted to support her career. Who was Yrma Lydya?

Geronimo Garciaa renowned designer, worked closely with the singer and assured that she was actually the one who would support her in her life and in her artistic career.

The one who was actually a source of support was Jesus Hernandez Alcocer, the man who took his life last Saturday night.

“What the man told me is that he loved her, that he wanted to support her, that he loved her, that she was very important and that she was very talented because he wanted to support her, he wanted her to be someone.”

Although the girl had already asked for a divorce, she assures that her request was never taken into account given the powerful profile of her husband.

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Who was Yrma Lydya?

Who was Yrma Lydya?

Born on September 17, 2000, in Mexico City, the interpreter struggled to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry where, little by little, she began to be noticed.

From a young age she was a fan of the arts and everything related to television, appearing in at least 10 soap operas with John Osorio Y Salvador Mejia.

Even on one occasion, Yrma Lydya She was decorated by the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico with an Honorary Doctorate and a National Culture Award, due to her contribution to regional music.

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