Yucatan activists demonstrate in favor of human rights

Activists Yucatan such as Rosa Cruz Pech, Abner Aragón Torres and José Pablo Quiñones Guzmán, spoke out in favor of guaranteeing the human rights universal, during the signing of the Commitment of the Youth of Southern Mexico by the Resistance.

In commemoration of International Human Rights DayQuiñones Guzmán, who also chairs the Human Rights Day association, pointed out that although much progress has been made on the matter, there is still a long way to go to ensure that all people can fully exercise and enjoy their individual guarantees.

“Violence, poverty, inequality, repression and discrimination are some of the evils that have prevented the construction of this human rights culture in every corner of the planet and particularly in our southern part of Mexico ”, he mentioned.

There is hope

The event was held in the auditorium of the Marista University. Every December 10 is celebrated the International Day of Human Rights The president of UADY Sin Harassment demanded the clarification of the case of José Eduardo Ravelo

However, he stressed that in the entire south-southeast region of the country there are efforts by activists and mainly youth, so there is still hope of being able to eradicate all those obstacles that stand in the way of guaranteeing human rights.

In that sense, he explained that Human Rights Conference created the Misión Resistencia program, the objective of which is to ensure that everyone in Mexico fully enjoys its guarantees.

“This program, as you well know and we have worked for eight months, groups and develops projects for young people from our south of Mexico, aimed at building without impediment, with the greatest inspiration and vision, this peace culture”, He said.

Signed manifesto

Every December 10 is celebrated the International Day of Human Rights The president of UADY Sin Acoso demanded the clarification of the case of José Eduardo Ravelo

On behalf of the youth participating in said program, which belong to the states of Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Oaxaca, Quiñones Guzmán expressed the feelings of the 2021 generation of Mission Resistance.

The document signed by the young people recognizes that in Mexico there is “a very delicate situation” with regard to human rights, since a large part of the population does not have the means, nor is they in a context to fully exercise them.

In relation to the foregoing, the president of the Jornada de Human rights He expressed that activism and collaboration are the most useful tools that society has, to achieve changes in the system and thus build a culture of peace.

The manifesto signed by the young people also assumes the importance of digital tools for citizen participation, particularly in the context of the pandemic, for which they demanded universal access to the internet.

In the same way, the call of the young people requests a reversal to the federal policy of immigration control on the southern border of Mexico, due to the repression that is exercised against Central American migrants, who seek a better quality of life in Mexico or the U.S.

Finally, they ask to promote the art and the sport as a tool to promote a culture of peace and ensure the sustainability of the planet in all actions that involve transformation of society.

“The youths present at this event, within the framework of International Human Rights Day, make the proclamation of this manifesto, with the aim of establishing the guidelines that will allow us to build a culture of peace and human rights in Mexico,” he concluded.

We are all victims

The president of UADY Sin Acoso demanded the clarification of the case of José Eduardo Ravelo

From the auditorium of the Marist University, Rosa Cruz Pech, who presides over the organization UADY No Harassment, indicated that in Yucatan and Mexico most people have faced some type of violence, but it is the search for solutions that leads to the creation of groups, collectives and actions that end these problems that harm society.

He indicated that currently the main problem for which human rights are not guaranteed is simulation, but the responsibility of activists and all civil society is to work to guarantee the rights of all people equally.

Along the same lines, he indicated that in Yucatan you also live the simulation of a State of peace, when cases such as that of Jose Eduardo Ravelo, who had allegedly suffered police violence, discrimination, and sexual assault, despite the fact that the Attorney General’s Office denied said allegations.

“It is not easy to work on human rights issues, I think that those of us who are in this know it, it is not pleasant or beautiful, not even to celebrate so much, because we work with people who have been violated or because we even receive violence because of the work that we have been doing ”, indicated the founder of UADY No Harassment.

Finally, Cruz Pech called for the guarantee of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, for the criminalization of women who have made use of their sexual and reproductive rights, as well as for a State that continues to criminalize protesters who fight against violence. sexist.

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For his part, Abner Torres, president of Student Diversity, explained that within the letters LGBTTTIQ +, there are a lot of diverse people, who deserve to be recognized as such.

“We always ask for non-discrimination, really every day since we go out on the street, from putting on makeup having an identity as a man, from a trans person having a different sexual orientation to anything heteronormed, we are always suffering discrimination,” he explained.

Finally, he called for respect for the rights of all dissident people of sexual diversity, as well as all people who suffer some type of violence or act of discrimination.

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