Yucatan corner stores become PET collection centers

During this last quarter of this year, the project “My Store Without Residues” was implemented, a program that seeks to help solve the garbage problem and that at the same time encourages the corner stores of the peninsula of Yucatan.

The project is promoted by Bepensa, as it is part of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry and, in a first stage, it is expected to implement this initiative in 400 corner stores by the end of 2021 in more than 10 states of the country, including Yucatan.

Some 200 corner stores were converted into PET collection centers. In Yucatan alone, there are 51 corner stores that are in this Bepensa program.

The goal is to collect around two thousand kilograms of plastics per month that will later be processed in a food grade recycling plant, one of the largest in the world and the first recycling plant in China. PET of Latinamerica.

In addition, The project consists of the installation of infrastructure such as containers for specific use for the collection of PET by Bepensa, as well as clear and visible communication for those who visit the store to know information about recycling.

On the peninsula of Yucatan, the company has converted 200 corner stores in recycling centers and this project of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry, is part of its objective to achieve 100 percent of the packaging of PET that are produced are recycled in 2030.

Yucatan corner stores that are in the program

In Yucatan alone, there are 51 corner stores that are in this Bepensa program.

In this sense, Bepensa invited the entire population to be part of my “Store Without Residues” and visit her little store on the closest corner. Locate the closest one on the interactive map unmundosinresiduos.com, to help the planet and the little shops.

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According to the map, Yucatan It has 51 stores and small businesses in this program, of which 39 are in Mérida, four in Kanasín; three in Umán and Progreso, respectively, while one in Conkal and Tixpéhual.

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