Yucatan cyclists clean the Mérida bikeway in poor condition

Cyclists from the city of Merida made the cleaning a bike lane that he was in bad conditions, before the null response of the municipal and state authorities to maintain the aforementioned infrastructure.

Through social networks, the civil association Cycloturixes shared a series of videos and photographs, where they showed the rehabilitation work to a dedicated bike lane inaugurated just nine months ago, located on the avenue Hyacinth canek, to the west of the Yucatecan capital.

“After months of unsuccessful complaints from users of the Jacinto Canek bike path due to lack of maintenance, complaints in which the corresponding authorities have been requested to remove the loose sand, as well as the mounds of earth (…) this morning a group of cyclists set about the task of beginning to remove the excess ”, Shared the group of cyclists in their profile of Facebook.

Titanic labor

Cicloturixes commented that despite the maintenance requests, the Jacinto Canek avenue bike path was in poor condition. The members of Cicloturixes indicated that it was a “titanic” task, so they will return with more volunteers

The members of Cycloturixes They indicated that the work carried out on Saturday morning was “titanic” for three people, so they were only able to clean a 100-meter stretch, from which they removed several kilos of earth, sand and stones. Given this, they warned that soon they will appear with more volunteers, since that bike lane “is not going to clean itself.”

“A bike lane in poor condition is not only unsafe for the cyclist, but it is a clear message so that the motorist can invade this infrastructure without punishment,” adds the publication.

During the video in which they captured part of the cleaning work, the president of the cycling association, Everardo Gomez Florez, regretted that the competent authorities ignore the constant request of bicycle users, who circulate daily on the busy avenue.

“This part is the beginning of the bike path and it is very very dirty, there we have a very dangerous mound for cyclists, which we are now going to collect,” he says in the recording.

Debris from falling poles

The members of Cicloturixes indicated that it was a “titanic” task, so they will return with more volunteers

To the previous case is added the deterioration that recently presented Bikeway located on the avenue Paseo de Montejo extension, at the height of the Gonzálo Guerrero neighborhood, where a tractor-trailer knocked down five public lighting poles.

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To repair the damage to infrastructure, the Federal electricity commission (CFE) excavated the site, leaving mounds of rubble on the dedicated bike lane. The situation was denounced by the Mérida Sustainable Mobility Observatory (OMSM) in their social networks and corrected hours later.

It should be noted that with an investment of 111 million pesos, the exclusive lane of the Jacinto Canek avenue is part of the more than 71.7 new kilometers of bike lane, that he Yucatan Government opened in March 2021.

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