Yucatan sets a new suicide record: there were 246 in 2021

According to state statistics, Yucatan exceeded the record from suicides established in 2019 that it was 245, reporting 246 in 2021, which has been the highest figure in the last decade, which are unfortunate numbers.

Of the total number of people who committed suicide in Yucatan last year, 201 were men and 45 were women; Of the numbers mentioned, 13 were male minors, according to statistics from the Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY).

Suicides in Yucatan are a serious problem in Yucatan. In 2021, Yucatán set a new record for suicides, with 245.

Also, it was revealed that of the 106 municipalities that make up the State, in at least 45 municipalities a suicide was reported, that is to say, almost half of the communities that make up Yucatan, which means that the problem is state-owned.

In this sense, Mérida, with 109 cases, which represents 44.3 percent of the total, was the municipality with the most suicides registered in 2021; Kanasín followed, with 24 cases, that is, 9.7 percent; Valladolid reported 14 suicides and Umán and Hunucmá registered nine.

Regarding the age range, the SSY indicated that the group of 18 to 29 years was where more cases were reported, with 93 cases; it was followed by those between 30 and 39 years old, with 59 cases; in third place was the 40 to 49 year old, with a total of 36 suicides.

Of the total number of suicides reported last year by the state agency, in 221 events, asphyxiation by hanging was used as the method; in 15 cases, the suicide bomber used poisoning; at least three were killed with a firearm.

Suicides in the last decade in Yucatan

In 2021, Yucatán set a new record for suicides, with 245.

Also, in the last decade there have been 1,267 suicides in Yucatan: in 2011 186 were registered; in 2012, 160 were reported; in 2013, 167 were reported; in 2014, 181 were registered; in 2015, 190 were reported; in 2016, 224 were registered.

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In 2017, 191 people committed suicide in Yucatan; in 2018, at least 235 people decided to take their own lives; in 2019 245 were registered suicides; In 2020, there were 242 suicides despite the Covid-19 pandemic and last year there were 246 cases.

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