Yulay’s audacious climb of Popocatepetl despite phase 3 alarm stirs controversy

Internet starlet's perilous venture earns backlash as he scales an active volcano for thrilling content, neglecting safety warnings.

In recent days, Popocatepetl has had intense activity, and even the corresponding authorities have indicated that it is in Phase 3 alarm . However, although access to a nearby perimeter of Don Goyo has been restricted, the youtuber Yulay ignored the restrictions and climbed the volcano.

It was through his Instagram account, where the influencer – known for making videos where he puts himself in risky situations – posted the moment he went to Puebla to carry out the fearful act.

How Yulay climbed Popocatépetl

In the clip, which quickly surpassed 180 thousand reproductions, the young man can be seen wearing a ski mask and glasses to avoid being identified.

“Look, all this you see here is volcanic ash because we are at the foot of Popocatepetl, and we came here to document and see it more closely. It is the first time we see it this way,” he commented.

Yulay sube al popocatépetl (Yotube yulay/Twitter/@dannychazari/ Youtube Yulay))
Yulay climbs Popocatepetl (Yotube yulay/Twitter/@dannychazari/ Youtube Yulay))

Yulay showed that he went to the village with several of his friends and pointed out that they were covered in ash due to the proximity to Don Goyo.

In another video he posted from his YouTube account, the young man was already closer to Popocatepetl.

We are at the top of the town of San Pedro Benito Juarez, the closest town to the volcano,” he said.

Minutes later and after meeting with some fire trucks and inhabitants of the region, the influencer told the camera that he was about to climb the volcano. In addition, he assured everyone that he would try to get as close as possible to put a drone to work and thus have a panoramic view of Don Goyo.

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Yulay subió al Popocatépetl (Youtube/Yulay)
Yulay climbed Popocatepetl (Youtube/Yulay).

“The sound is like it’s about to rain, but it’s not raining. It sounds like you hear a lightning bolt there, another one here, but it’s all happening there. On one side of the volcano, you can see as if it were a fire, you can see smoke,” he explained to the camera and added: “Now I am uncertain if suddenly it goes boom and we are here, we may not return home.

Users slammed Yulay

After the influencer made it known that he went to the foothills of Popocatepetl, internet users were puzzled, and several condemned the young man’s irresponsibility.

“I thought you were a different YouTuber. I know you are not going to read my comment, but you are the first to ask to act well and go… for a few views, you risk your life and your team, and above all, you leave a bad example to the people who see you, soon a child will want to go risk his life to go viral,” posted a user on Instagram.

Yulay subió un video de su visita a las faldas del volcán Popocatépetl y generó polémica (Youtube/Yulay)
Yulay uploaded a video of his visit to the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano, generating controversy (Youtube/Yulay).

Similarly, other mentions could be read: “How reckless of you to go where it is clearly forbidden to approach.” “Other times, you are applauded, but you sucked. You are a public figure; many young people and children follow you. It was a bad example… let’s hope they don’t take it as a game or a challenge after what you did…”.

As for the criticism, Yulay has not commented on the matter so far. However, he would not have given it much importance since, on his social networks, he continued uploading his daily life as usual.

El joven subió al volcán (Cenapred)
The young man climbed the volcano (Cenapred)

During the night of May 24, it was reported that the Phase 3 alert continued. However, according to Cenapred authorities, the ash emission continued despite the decrease in the volcano’s activity, and nearby communities will continue with volcanic ash fall.

According to the Popocatepetl Volcano Scientific Advisory Committee, the 12 kilometers safety perimeter will continue. They also urged the population not to approach Don Goyo.