Yuri, Niurka and Lupillo Rivera’s ex would be in “The House of Celebrities”

Yuri, Niurka and the ex-wife of Lupillo RiveraMayeli Alonso would be part of the next season of “The House of the Famous” and would begin transmission in April of this year.

As a new season of the celebrity reality show is confirmed, the names of the next celebrities who will be part of it have already begun to emerge.

On AmericanPost.News We have previously mentioned that La Casa de los Famosos would have a second season, among its main participants the name of Niurka stands out and it has even been mentioned that another former member of Acapulco Shore could join the cast.

The House of Celebrities 2

Niurka is one of the favorite candidates for “The House of the Famous” They affirm that Yuri will participate in the new season of “The House of the Famous”

Although her participation has not been confirmed, the actress Niurka is one of the main candidates to participate in “The House of Celebrities 2”, since she has been characterized by her controversial comments and criticisms, aspects that will provide a lot of rating.

For this reason, they affirm that the television station is interested in being part of the project, since it is no secret that it is looking for the most controversial personalities.

Without a doubt, the fans of the program have been excited to learn that the actress could join the cast, since they affirm that she would be a very fun participant.

Yuri could be in “The House of Celebrities”

They affirm that Yuri will participate in the new season of “La Casa de los Famosos”

In addition to Niurka, another possible participant would be the Mexican singer Yuri, who has been involved in controversy for her song “El apagón”, according to fans, the singer revealed that she would leave Mexico to record a reality show, the same recordings she stated would take five months.

Among other names that stand out is that of Mayeli Alonso, the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera, who is an expert in generating controversy regarding her love life.

In addition to already having experience in a reality show, since she gave a lot to talk about in the program “Rica, Famosa, Latina”.

Little by little more details come out of “The House of the Famous”, although the premiere date has not been revealed yet, it is one of the most anticipated programs.

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