Yuri On Ice celebrates its sixth anniversary with new official art

Yuri On Ice has been keeping quiet lately, but the fandom hasn’t let the hit anime slip their minds. If you go back to 2016 for a bit, you’ll no doubt remember how great the series was.

Yuri on Ice was the Anime Material of the Year for most, with critics praising its smooth animation. And as the first season is approaching its sixth anniversarya new poster has been released to promote the anime.

The update was released courtesy of Studio MAPPA, as the studio is still working on the anime behind the scenes. As you can see below, the new poster highlights Yuri and Victor at an event while the couple waits for the judges’ scores to come in.

Photo: Studio MAPPA / Yuri On Ice – Yuri Katsuki and Victor Coach

As you can see, Victor is dressed in a slim suit and his silver hair is professionally slicked back. He is donning a KN95 mask as a nod to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the same can be said for Yuri.

The skater is dressed in a loose sporty zipper and his dark hair is drenched in sweat. You can tell that Yuri looks a bit worried about his score when he puts a hand on Victor’s leg, but his coach seems quite confident throughout the event.

The skating icons stand behind photographed by the press as the pair wait with pins and needles. Of course, fans know the sentiment, and Yuri on Ice is one to thank. After all, fans have waited six long years for the anime to return.

When the first season ended in December 2016, all eyes turned to the Yuri movie On Ice: Ice Adolescence. The film was meant to debut in 2019, but was later pushed back to an unknown date.

The pandemic only further complicated his schedule, so fans aren’t sure when the movie will be released. But for now, special artwork like this will keep the fandom going. AmericanPost.News reminds you that you can catch up on the Yuri On Ice anime on Crunchyroll.

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