Yuridia appears in ‘The Academy’ to congratulate Nelson and the networks go crazy

Since it was announced that The academy would return to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the viewing public and social media users clamored for what Yuridia was present in the program, however the production of TV Azteca could not materialize.

Curiously, one of the finalists of the reality show is a fan of his music, by which we mean Nelson, the Guatemalan representative who is a serious contender to win the season and who received a surprise from his greatest idol.

Despite the fact that Yuridia has declared the bad moments she experienced on the reality show, this time she decided to put aside all of the above and send a warm greeting to Nelson And of course, quite controversial in social networks.

Yuridia’s congratulations to Nelson

One of the best moments in the grand finale of La Academia occurred when Yuridia He appeared on the screens to send a greeting to Nelson, who, as we told you in AmericanPost.News, is a die-hard fan of his music.

“Hello friends from the academy, it’s me Yuridia, I want to send a very special greeting to everyone, especially to the biggest fan of all Nelson, thank you very much for all your love and support, they have sent me messages about everything you have said about me and not I have more than to hug you from here and wish you all the luck” said the singer.

visibly excited Nelson thanked for the words of Yuridia that will undoubtedly fill him with encouragement for this Sunday to split on stage and manage to take that first place.

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Social networks went crazy with his greeting

Social networks went crazy with his greeting

As expected, social networks exploded with the greeting of Yuridiawho despite only having appeared on screen for 20 seconds was enough to raise the rating and the interactions through the skies.

“Yuridia sending a message to Nelson was the closest they got to having her on stage and it was the best of the entire season,” was one of the many messages that went viral on Twitter.

maybe for many Yuridia Y Charles Rivera must be the final guests for The academyHowever, it has transpired that the production failed to reach an agreement with the most successful academics of all its seasons, who simply limited themselves to declaring that they have an excessive workload.

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