Yuridia’s pregnancy rumors intensified: she would be 2 months pregnant with Matías Aranda, and they moved to Texas

Yuridia confirms pregnancy, changes in 2023 tour plans. Read about her surprising baby news with Matías Aranda. Get the latest update now!

It seems that the rumor is more than confirmed, and Yuridia will become a mother again; there is talk of 2 two months of pregnancy and changes in her plans for 2023.

It has been rumored for several weeks that Yuridia, 36, is expecting a baby with her husband, Matías Aranda, 38. And a person close to her already confirmed it.

However, it was confirmed that the singer would not say anything until after her 3 months of pregnancy, as ‘Chamonic’ said, and now it was reconfirmed in TVNotas.

Yuridia is indeed pregnant; there is talk of 2 months and several changes after the surprise

Just as ‘Chamonic’ said in her social networks, now a close friend of Yuridia told TVNotas that the singer is two months pregnant and that everything will change after the surprise.

The informant told the entertainment magazine that the news took Yuridia by surprise and that she even went to the doctor thinking it would be an illness.

And although her pregnancy was well received by her and her husband Matías Aranda, the singer did not hide that it was a total surprise, especially after having been a mom for the first time 16 years ago.

In addition to pointing out that she had to cancel some concerts due to medical recommendations, she said she would surely continue her tour until May or June.

She said she will continue her tour until May or June, with changes in her wardrobe, choreographies and coexistence with her fans since she was a baby with the attendees to her concerts.

Yuridia (@yuritaflowers / Instagram)

On the other hand, he said that it is very likely that Yuridia will change her plans for 2023 and that after becoming a mother, she will dedicate herself to composing an album she had paused.

Finally, the informant’s friend of Yuridia said that the singer is living in Texas. She does not want to be captured or questioned about it because she will give the news after 3 months.

He assured the audience that since she would not stop her entire tour, her pregnancy would start to show, and Yuridia would have to talk about it.

Yuridia will offer two concerts in Mexico

Yuridia has two concerts scheduled at the National Auditorium, which will take place on March 17 and 18, 2023.

Presentations that are part of his tour “Pa’luego es tarde Tour” , which began in August of last year and has captivated thousands.

So far these events have not been cancelled, so fans don’t have to worry -yet-.

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Yuridia (OCESA)

Is Yuridia expecting her second child? Here’s what we know

If the pregnancy is true, this would be the second child for Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Flores, known artistically since her participation in La Academia.

She made her debut in motherhood with the birth of Phoenix Guerrero Gaxiola, 13, the result of her relationship with musician Edgar Guerrero, 43, whom she met on the reality show.

Who is the father of Yuridia's son from La Academia? we tell you
Who is the father of Yuridia’s son from La Academia? We tell you (Instagram @oficialedgarguerrero)

This would be Yuridia’s first child with her current husband and manager Matías Aranda, whom she also met on the TV Azteca singing reality show and with whom she got married in December 2019.

Although they were already civilly married after 10 years of relationship.

This would reinstate the rumors about a crisis in the marriage, which have been extinguished with the passage of time, even though the artist has denied it several times.

It is expected that in the next few days, Yuridia will confirm or deny the pregnancy.

Yuridia denies separation
Yuridia denies separation (@yuritaflowers / )