Yuridia’s face looks unrecognizable; fans were surprised

Botox? Surgery? Were some questions that users asked after seeing the singer’s face Yuridia, who provoked the laughter of his loyal followers for a photo he shared in his Instagram stories; she showed off her transformed face.

And it is that, the former student of The academy She has become very active on social networks, as she has been closer to her loyal fans, which is why she published an image with a fun filter, where her face looks unrecognizable, her cheekbones are large and her lips are voluminous.

We remember that in AmericanPost.News We reveal that the singer will be part of a TV Azteca program. Her famous one turned to her Instagram stories to share a preview of her new project, which left her followers intrigued.

Photo of the singer’s face sparked various reactions

The former La Academia showed off her voluminous lips The singer rose to fame after passing through La Academia

Some Internet users commented that the artist had a resemblance to the Tigress of the East, a singer who managed to captivate users with her videos on YouTube, even gaining international fame.

On the other hand, users are anxious to see the famous woman return to TV Azteca, so fans are excitedly awaiting the duets that will be performed. Similarly, they have mentioned that the artist should be in the famous red chair and that now it will be a reality.

How did Yuridia become famous?

The singer rose to fame after passing through La Academia

In 2005 she had the opportunity to be part of one of the seasons of La Academia, a project that launched her to fame, although she did not win first place, she took second place. Since then she has shared her great talent with hit songs by great artists.

Even the singer Yuridia has released several songs that have excited fans. Recently, the 35-year-old interpreter released a preview of the music video for the song “Y tú ¿Qué Ganas?; The short video has added more than 324 thousand views on YouTube.

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