Yuya showed off a spectacular butterfly blouse that made her look sexy

Talk about yuya takes us to the world of fashion due to the incredible taste he has when choosing each and every one of his outfits, because each garment he uses sets a trend in just a couple of seconds, being the feeling of many of his followers.

Currently, the influencer has created a “community” more solid after becoming the mother of the little “Sea” with her husband, singer and songwriter Siddhartharemaining in the eye of many who admire her for this new facet.

Also in American Post News We share with you that, despite having many responsibilities in her professional life, the largest Spanish-speaking content creator also remains active on her social networks, showing the love she feels for her friends. millions of followers.

What is the fashion item that Yuya wore recently?

Yuya with white butterfly cut blouse Yuya

The also Mexican businesswoman shared through her stories a white blouse whose cut resembled that of a butterfly, which hinted at the statuesque figure she has at 29 years old, after having her baby and also shows the sensuality so evident that it stands out in each of his publications, managing to attract the attention of many people.

In this sense, it should be noted that the comments were immediate because Yuya has become a true fashion icon, being a figure to be followed by many.

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What did Yuya become famous for?


The businesswoman Yuya became famous through the YouTube platform where she made videos sharing tips and secrets about the world of makeup, which attracted the attention of many fans because they all died to look like her and wanted to acquire the products that she used.

Currently, it has about 24 million of followers, which has been adding since its inception in 2009.

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